OLRG: Lock-Down Drill

lock out

So many little nagging check-off boxes, so many little scratching, nesting, messy hoarding things to do in Azeroth. Just as well it’s getting a bit tedious, not so much so I look forward to WoD, but to get me to focus on other things. Life things. BUT – these little things are fun, I suppose. We tried to finish off Dragon Soul and Bastion of Twilight, but just didn’t have the warm bodies to finish it on heroic, and that spine…that spine tried the patience of even the most solid of players. It’s like learning a dance step, though: tentacles, amalgams, stacks of nine, blow up, snap tendon, repeat…cha cha cha!

just salsa

But I have faith in us Old Ladies. We can finish up Bastions on heroic, and I know we can get through Dragon Soul. We need to, because of you know, Blazing Drake and stuff. I can solo Eye of Eternity on only four characters: Ceniza, Haanta, Mataoka, and Kellda. Each of these ladies has the initial damage output to wear down Malygos enough so that during the vehicle/dragon phase, he doesn’t kill me by attrition. So far Haanta managed to get her hands on the Azure drake, but the Blue one eludes us.

One down, one to go...
One down, one to go…

And there’s something I explained to our dear sweet friend Zwingli yesterday. He and I played a few rounds on Hearthstone together – grand fun. I told him I always ‘squelch’ the player so that before they completely annihilate me and say the worst trolling words of all time: “Well Played.” NO – NO WELL PLAYED! NO!

He thought they were just being nice.

No, they are not being nice. This is the Hearthstone version of trolling. For example, this priest, who minion-napped my Archemage, and hit spell after spell so that he had a deck full of fireballs, was about to wipe me out, and he hesitated? You bore me, sir. I SAID GOOD DAY.

Screw you, priest.
Screw you, priest.

Hmmm…what else is new? Not much. Please come out and try to play on Saturday afternoons if you can – I held the lock out, though I don’t really understand how it works. I don’t understand how any of this works sometimes. Oh well. Time to dance!


4 thoughts on “OLRG: Lock-Down Drill”

  1. I figure me not being there would help with the spine thingy. I don’t know how many videos I’ve watched and I still have no idea what they are talking about.

    I haven’t tried EoE yet as I’m pretty bad at vehicles, flying or ground but I’ll have to have Cim give it a try. I have the awful feeling that in two years in the lull between WoD and what’s next I’ll still be trying to get these mounts!

  2. I always squelch people too, it’s the first thing I do after choosing cards to keep. There are people out there who do genuinely mean their Well Played, but it’s a tiny minority. Most are simply conditioned to say it reflexively – without sincerity, and some are actively trolling. Either way, why take the risk of being irritated when blissful silence is but a mouseclick away?

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