Warrior style.

Ah, New Zealand. You are my Xanadu. My Atlantis. A pre-Vesuvias Pompeii, graffiti and all. I know you exist –I have faith. I may never travel there unless I make some serious changes to my budget and life, but I can dream can’t I? Dream of a land that sends its warriors to confuse and bewilder pseudo warriors…imagine a time when all moments of combat begin with fierce dance rituals… The cool thing is haka is performed by many young warriors here in the States, at least here on the West coast where Samoan, Pacific Islander, Oceanic,  and other folks who brought their culture to these shores abound.

I have just about had a belly-full of bad world news. Time to turn off the radio and television for just a little bit. I’ll get back on the media pony soon, and ride off, charging like some crusader in mom jeans. (No, I don’t wear mom jeans. I just couldn’t think of anything else.) That’s all I have to say for now: enjoy the dance.



2 thoughts on “Warrior style.”

  1. This prompted one of my video journeys. I was stuck watching all their haka videos until I hit one from 1989. The little short shorts snapped me out of it.

    After taking in too much real world news I usually have to go somewhere and watch talking dogs and cute kitties to recover.

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