Coconut Grass Hair Orangutan

coconut monkey

My writing mojo has been a bit…wilted. Not sure why. Well, I suspect things, but denial runs deep in me. Driving home today I saw this thing on the road that looked like a huge pile of coconut grass hair. It was probably just an old T-shirt and sadness, but it reminded me of those monkeys made from coconuts, but it was fairly large, so I made it into a road orangutan. Pitiful thing. I must memorialize it.

So many random thoughts. “Ceniza” earned her cloak the other day. I am a terrible mage. It made me think of all the qualities of true alt players: we truly are Jack of All Trades, and Master of No Specs. I can’t play Arcane, Frost, and though I raised her as Fire, even Young Leet Druid tells me, “Fire is too hard.” It is. The cast times are ridiculous, the procs are far too tier gear dependent, and Ceniza just looks pissed off most of the time. But I love her, you know? She’s sad, and complicated, and passionate: she wants to set the world on fire, but the counter-spells are too strong. I wish I could just hug her, and kiss her fevered brow. It’s going to be all right, sweet mage…

ceniza cloak


This is when I just want to cry. It seems that none of my beautiful girls know where they are headed. When my misperceived free will questions my faith that I can change things, be better, do better: it is not meant to be. But you are still beautiful, Ash Witch.


8 thoughts on “Coconut Grass Hair Orangutan”

  1. I recently got my project mage to 90, and I feel your pain. She is arcane, because I wanted as few buttons as possible, and she stinks. But she is cute, and I love her attitude, so she gets to stay.

  2. My Mage is probably forever going to be level 53 and tending the bank. I’m not great at any class but there’s some I’m extra bad at. It’s okay though as she seems to enjoy holding everyone’s money and doling it out. I guess it’s her idea of great power!

  3. I still haven’t leveled successfully leveled a mage. Falsyr has made it as far as Outland and so far we’ve decided that the portals are pretty much the best thing. He’s arcane also because it seemed like the thing I was the least likely to screw up. I read the icy-veins for fire once and decided there was no way that would end well for me. I am not sure arcane will go much better, but Fal is also cute so even if it doesn’t he can stick around when he gets to 90 and make portals for all his friends.
    Ceniza does look lovely. And congratulations on that Legendary 🙂

    1. Thank you – I envy those who play mages of all specializations well — it’s such a fun class, but so frustrating when it feels just out of my reach of understanding. Oh well. /……

  4. Congrats on another cloak!
    Ah, Mages. I haven’t studied enough to be a good Mage. In fact, I haven’t studied how to be a good Mage at all. I just press buttons in whatever sequence seems best in the moment. Having leveled Mages as Arcane and as Frost, I think I’ve got the basic, just-scraping-by rotation for those specs mostly worked out. Maybe. I’ve been experimenting with Fire, but the vermin in my garden at Sunsong Ranch don’t live long enough to really give me a good idea of how the spec plays.

    1. I am beginning to suspect this is some bait-and-switch on Blizzard’s part – make a class super fun to play at first, but then very challenging later. Oh well…

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