Face it.

I am still in denial and mourning over the new artwork for faces. But last night, I took a minute and really studied some of the new faces, and tried to imagine my characters as them, and some…weren’t so bad:

Very pretty…this could be any number of my Dwarf characters…
ceniza face
This could be Ceniza with darker hair and complexion
zep face
This absolutely could be Zeptepi…
The Dude…
dra face
A little crazy…but necessary trait for gnomes…





ButI still can’t get over human females. What. The. Hell?! Even with the ‘saucy cocked eyebrow skeptical look’ they look like they are perpetually staring at someone’s crotch:

Is that a wand in your pocket or...never mind.
Is that a wand in your pocket or…never mind.

9 thoughts on “Face it.”

  1. I still need to check out my Draenei but haven’t had the nerve yet. My Night Elf Hunter looked okay, Cat looked a little better but Cim … she’s either got a thyroid condition or rabies I don’t know which. The eyes, they’re so wrong but I can’t put my finger on why.

    1. I was thinking thyroid issues, too – and the angle is all wrong. They do look like they’re sneaking peeks at crotches, which just leaves us all feeling creeped out.

  2. I think with a recustomization I could find a face that would work for Ailuuya again, it just isn’t the one she has. My nelf females I’m happy enough with and my human male is good. My fem troll is perfect. Tyl sadly… there is a better face than the one he currently has but it still isn’t really right at all, just slightly better.
    Most of mine, though, I won’t be seeing for a while and the waiting makes me very nervous.

      1. Yeah the eyes… there is definitely something off with them on the human females, maybe they’re a little too widely open or something. I do hope they change them because now I don’t think I can unsee the looking at someone’s crotch.

  3. I’ll say it here because comments for me are being buggy on Bubbles of Mischeif — I like almost everything about the new Tauren female model, but something about that muzzle just bugs me the more I see it. It’ll be a big adjustment to get used to it, but I like the rest of the new model so much that I think I’ll just have to put on my big girl boots and do it. For my non-Tauren characters, well, I’m fairly certain that I’ll like how my Dwarves turn out, but I’m not so sure about the rest of them.

  4. Amused as hell that the human female “10000 yard stare” is still a thing. I described it to a non-WoW playing friend as “Remember Callisto from Xena? Yeah, those eyes.” He got it immediately.

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