Blog Azeroth Topic: Chivalry

Truly, I do not know why I start so many priests and warlocks. Especially questionable is beginning a new human female, when I know it is only going to end in tears, but until November 13th happens, and the magical spell is broken, my human females are still alluring to me, so Luciyy is here:


No, making priests and warlocks is not the Blog Azeroth topic. While exasperated with the weak Northshire Abbey foot soldiers, who can’t even defend themselves from toothless wolves and not-so-bright Orcs, she went about her business quickly dispatching any and all comers. She noticed a [level 20] paladin following her, step for step. She turned and stared, and yet he kept following her. She felt that uneasy sense that she was being stalked, and gave him a sound slap. This, however, did not deter him, and she realized that the second she attacked a monster or beast, he was right there defending her. He stayed with her through many quests, even when she forgot something, and protected her until she felt he was being taken advantage of; she bowed out, waved a kiss, and said farewell. He bowed, and took his leave. He behaved the perfect paladin: protective, polite, and chivalrous. He gained nothing from helping Luciyy, save perhaps his own satisfaction in doing good deeds.

This led me to think –what if not only did we have class specific quests, but these quests involved other players–strangers specifically–you couldn’t tell the other player(s) what you were up to, but had to somehow manage to perform very specific actions designed for your class? I’m not sure how one would receive “credit” for doing so, but since even the most minutiae of digital movements can be tracked, it seems possible. For instance, I would love if priests had to give twenty blessings on holy days (as deemed by the faiths of Azeroth), or mages had to provide ten free portals. What creative, class-specific deeds would you like to see?

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