Gentlemen, your attention please…


All summer long NPR produced a series on manhood. I’ve managed to catch it sporadically, but heard the final chapter today, and it’s perfect for all humans. Can I start a hashtag called #yesallhumans? Now before you start wagging your sexual-political ethics at me, listen to the whole story. It clears everything up, and I mean everything. Consider this in Azeroth, where genders, dimorphism lost all nuances, and my Draenei are Kafka-esqueing into Bug-ei, all of this hullabaloo about gender equality can be meaningless. Did I say “may” be? No –can be. Right now I run with a woman-led raid team, who has a woman as her second in command, and many women players. Guess what? There are also men players there who have never said one inappropriate thing, been disrespectful, and follow her lead completely. If their ego got in the way, they then went their own way. It can happen.

So–remember, whomever gets to the door first, open it. And just say ‘thank you.’


4 thoughts on “Gentlemen, your attention please…”

  1. Normally I say, “Let the rogue open the door.” I don’t care who gets to it first, but for Mammon’s sake, check for traps.

    BTW – that graphic got SO stolen. Imma sneak that into a PowerPoint presentation, as God’s my witness.

    1. I think that shall be my new policy — “No, after YOU, sir!”
      I wish I could take credit, but alas I stole the graphic (rogue of the Internet, I suppose) from someone else who stole it. Steal away, sir!

    1. Hey, if Mr. Tome is old school, all the better. Sometimes I stare at CD Rogue, leet druid, and cub–I have failed in expectations of gentlemanly manners, but am trying.

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