OLRG: Winners and Losers

Miss Teenage America, 1972
Miss Teenage America, 1972



Guess what?! Fandral finally got that staff out of his…you know…and granted Momokawa grand and glorious FIREKITTYSUPERPOWAH!

fire kitty fire kitty 2

Yup, we went on a Pony Circuit, and albeit there were no ponies, we trust there will be again. I know someday– SOMEDAY — we will all watch our casting bars and sit at the right time so we can get Only the Penitent, and SOMEDAY, everyone will know when to hit HERO and blast Alysrazor from the sky so we can all get Barrel Roll. Please. Please. Please…Old Ladies: we can do this! Ponies will be ours! We can also finish up Stay Chill, too, right!? I mean, there’s a pony in that list of chives…not chives, chieves!

Not my monkeys, not my circus…

Sitting in my dirty pee pants….

Yesterday, however, was a tough day for Zeptepi. Hours, and I mean hours, waiting in queue for Flex just to get a few upgrades.




I am pretty sure at some point in my fervor to disenchant all the things for Jade Spirit enchants, I disenchanted my healing tier pants. But her item level is plenty high, and she had plenty of token roll coins in her purse, so why not?

Why not indeed.

F*ck some players.

Everyone is standing around waiting for another player, and I see I am kicked:

answer first

Was it because they mistook me for another priest with a low item level?



I tried to get to the bottom of it, but apparently as a healer my DPS was too low.

answer 2


No one could provide an answer, and I give credit to Mr. DK for trying. I don’t have the screenshot where he conjectured my DPS was too low. Fortunately, my healing was fine. Look, it’s for the best, isn’t it? Wasting hours of time? Time I will never get back, because some adolescent jagoffs either wanted to bring in a friend instead or cannot read “Zeptepi” versus “Precharound.” It truly doesn’t matter, and is not worth getting upset about. If anything it strengthens my resolve to NEVER PLAY WITH STRANGERS AGAIN. STRANGER DANGER!!!!! So Zeptepi had to sit in her dirty pee pants all day, and never did complete a single boss after 7 hours of trying. Seven. I did manage to go for a walk with CD Rogue and a couple asked us for directions and I embarrassed myself when I told them the wrong way, so convinced I was right, and yelled at CD Rogue when he told me I was wrong. I was. He held onto his composure, and corrected the vectors, Victor, and all was well. Sometimes I just don’t know where I’m going.

answer 3

So, onward stalwart Old Ladies! I am not sure I’ll be available next Saturday, so maybe we can meet up on Sunday. Meanwhile, I’ll be  wandering around Stormwind sans pants.

How we feel when we delete something:



10 thoughts on “OLRG: Winners and Losers”

  1. I am SO glad that staff finally dropped. Made my night even if there were no ponies. 😀 We’ll get those ponies and those achieves. I know we can do it. I think I was being overly paranoid on penitent… but… kinda don’t care if it takes me ages as long as I can do it without messing it up. lol That one and Barrel Roll are the last two I need for that one now. 🙂
    I’m sorry for Zeptepi’s people luck and it just blows my mind the things that people kick for. I really hope we can figure out some way for her to get some better pants. Preferably with a group of awesome friends in tow.

  2. YAY! Cat is so happy she can stop feeling guilty that poor Momo wasn’t getting her staff from that jerk! I’m sure I screwed up Barrel Roll because I couldn’t get enough feathers to get off the ground. I can’t climb that pile of rocks to hide, lol.

    Maybe now my key is not sticking anymore I should woman up and try the penitent again.

    1. We hit time warp at the wrong time: all you have to is hit time warp and blast it with all you’ve got: a warlock and shaman can two man it when done right. The only reason I ran up in the hills was because we need to get our canons loaded at the same time. Next time that bird won’t be so lucky!

  3. Sigh…you have to be the most extreme person I know when it comes to how this game treats you, Matty. It’s either incredibly good or incredibly shitty with you! We need to pay a visit to Lady Luck, I think, see if we can’t smooth things out a little…bring your golf club, I’ll bring my cricket bat.

    I hope you keep collecting the fireseeds too, I prefer them over the staff since they persist through shifts and loading screens, though it is a hassle to keep going back for them when you run out so it’s great to have the staff too! Also, did they change the penitent achievement to make everyone do it individually? I know in Cata you could just have one person go through the kneeling process while everyone else stood at the end of the bridge.

    Sans pants is good for morale, yo. In my first guild in BC, the all-Tauren Bulls On Parade, we organised quite a few naked, drunken Running of the Bulls events. Silvermoon never got over the shock, I feel.

    1. Okay, maybe we’ll try that Penitence hack. I don’t want people to get nervous about it, so might as well hack it! You crack me up: I am a player of extremes, but seems that I bring that out in people in real life, too. Must be my pheromones or something. It is such a place of extremes for me– you are so right.

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