September 15: Remember

There are two little graves outside of Stormwind, just by Olivia’s Pond. Often you’ll see a little Draenei girl wander into the water, as if she is a shaman and still has water breathing. Alas, I fear she is a ghost, haunting the lake.


I researched these tiny, sad graves, and found this post:

90 Human Mage
I got an answer back from Blizz today, and I might add that it touched me so much, and I want to say thank you to the one that sent me the response, I know we can’t mention names but your respect for the loss of my own daughter touched me greatly! Here is Blizz’s official response:Look near the pond and you will find two graves next to a tree right as you go down the stairs… The grave with the doll is “Olivia Jayne”… The larger grave is her mothers grave. The original story of the pond is the fact that when the area was opened, a mother and her daugther ventured there in the late hours of the night… The small girl, Olivia, fell into the pond and her mother tried to save her.. In vain.. Both drowned and were fished out of there, being burried and the pond named after the small child which was, in principle, the first victim of the Pond… Olivia.

However, there have been other rumors that they were the Victim to Deathwing, and it is their burial place, as a means to remember. There is much speculation regarding this, so I understand your desire to know. – Gravestone

I saw that you were posting on the forums and I undertand how this touched you. I’m sorry for your loss, and I hope you can continue to enjoy the interesting grave site. As I have been made aware, this is a game related grave, it’s not in relation to a Blizzard employee, or dedicated to one of us.

If you have any additional assistance needed or information explained, please select “I still have a problem” and we’ll do our absolute best to assist you. ❤

If you ask sometimes you DO get answers. So glad to know the truth.

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