OLRG: Bring the sexy…

date night!

Ladies, and gents of course, I’ll be around this afternoon for leis and nonsense, and hope we can smack a few baddies in the coconuts. I plan on running on errand in a bit, because apparently we need, not want, NNNNEEEEDMOREOFTHIS:

jones soda
Jones Soda is a local company: must support! http://www.jonessoda.com

No joke: this stuff comes in tiny cans, deceptively simple concept, yet so perfectly delicious–I don’t even drink soda (that much, and usually Diet Dr. Pepper) anymore (why does¬†everything I say demand a qualifier?! Sign of a skilled bullshitter.)

In any case, though this can (get it? CAN OF SODA?) be ordered on line with accompanying T-shirt, I am going to go to a real store and buy real things with real money, as opposed to what I normally do and buy fake things with real money. There are some amazing fake things that can be bought with fake money, too, but more on that later. Stay tuned.

So–if you’re around, and I’m not too hopped on on artificial flavors and the sugar-rush that is fall in the Northern Hemisphere, hope to see you!

Throne of Four Winds

Dragon Soul


You tell me the order for your pony needs.

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