September 30: Where I’m from.

evil horde?

This is Mataoka–Mr. Snerguls is judging the Miss Murloc contest down at the Steam Pools (though I hear it’s rigged–he has a preference for Miss Elwynn Forest girls) and my human doesn’t know I took over her computer while she’s at work. Humans. So trusting. So slow to respond. I understand that in one of your epic wars…never mind. Put your seal on that bloody order, Varian!)

I’ve been keeping track of the story as best as I can – much of it was told to me as a child, and seemed like ghost stories of shadowy spirits and beasts. The Orcs represent betrayal to us, and death. But the winds have changed, and the colors shifted, so it’s time to understand these stories as a grown Draenei. Do I hate the Orcs? Hate the entire Horde? I cannot, and will not. But I need to know who wants me, and mine, dead.

Part 1: Kargath

Part 2: Grommash

Part 3: Durotan

Part 4: Kilrogg

Part 5: Maraad

There are some who understand how I feel. That I do not paint all with a broad brush, though many would of me. With Love From Draenor is one place where those who seek friendship over blood go.

As one of Velan's chosen...
As one of Velan’s chosen…

Where I’m from? I am from Azuremyst. I am from hope over death, and light over darkness. I will never understand those who seek power over life.


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