Flying on sunshine…

Sometimes we are just having a “day.” Kind of blech. And it’s layered with muted guilt because it’s usually a beautiful day, full of crisp air and sunshine, and every undone chore or lost checklist mocks us. I think Breige knew I was having one of those days–I was playing all day on Saturday, took a quick 10-15 minute break, and then when logged back on was met with huge puppy enthusiasm for the Old Ladies’ run. The past Tuesday Comcast decided to turn off the Internet, and on Thursday I had to work, so I lost two nights of raiding, and two nights of missing out on a new ring for Kellda. (It did drop last night but a mage got it. MAGES!!!!!!) Anyway, I neglected all my Saturday ‘to-do’s” to focus on Old Ladies and was not prepared to be lovingly chastised for being “late” to my own party. Breige, sorry I snapped in Vent. I’m having a parallel experience at work where so many things I contributed, began, initiated, etc. are now seen as someone else’s idea, and I just need to get the f&ck over it. So thank you for getting everyone together and getting the ball rolling. I am meeting a friend this Saturday to work on some project work, so not sure if I’ll be around, which also makes me grumpy because we need to finish up Dragon Soul. Did I say “we?” or did I mean selfishly, again, ME?

And thank you once again for being a better Dwarf than I could ever be. Thank you for the sunshine:
Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 5.23.14 PM

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