You poked my heart…

The reality is not nearly as charming…

Do you smell that? That pungent, distinct odor of Hot Cheetos and Mountain Dew breath, mixed with unwashed socks and crotch rot? Oh yes, the trolls have come out to play. The shadow of pre-expansion boredom has drawn its shade over our better sense, and no one truly gives a damn anymore. So many warned us, tried to tell us that over time, diminished guild loyalties and Looking For’s would lead to decreased social bonds and the newer millennial creative ways of trolling. It even gets deep, in the marriage bed and other places. It’s a serious issue. Now there have been some trolls who have earned infamous notoriety, but those have met with their comeuppance. (Or have they?) 


Yesterday was trying to hurt Ordos, and a young squire named Hellfrost-Arygos was in the raid, and apparently he forgot what he was doing when he accepted his invitation, because he said in raid chat, “I’m in the Barrens. Summon me.” Well, shucks Hellfrost, you’re in the Barrens, the warlock’s not here, and no one is really all that concerned about you. You’re not the tank, you’re not a healer, you’re just another pretty face in the raid.

Oh jokester!
Oh Hellfrost…you jokester!

He sought his revenge by doing something so clever, so trolling mctrolly troll, I was both impressed and then completely aggravated. He repeatedly hit it, in succession, hit the raid count down timer. When I saw repeatedly, I mean – about 40 times. He finally got kicked when we could, but not before I broke my vow of silence to trolls and called him a f8cker. Yes, I fed the troll with my sweet, sweet profanity juice. He grew in power and stature, safe behind the computer screen of anonymous legions. Now he is not the only troll encounter. Heard on Vent tonight folks complaining of LFR and the amount of trolls, just trying to Valor Cap and move on. I gave up on LFR a long time ago. Even last Tuesday there was a moment when I realized a gentleman in our raid group was trolling us. Well, not me, in fact, I told one beautiful woman to stop talking to him. Trolls are everywhere, and most advice includes not feeding them, and ignoring them. I think what infuriated me the most is when I tried to report young Hellsfrost Blizzard’s report button only gave me two options: Name. Or Cheating. Where is the: “This player is a f*c6i@g douch*b*g?” button? No, I joke. But seriously, cheating?! How was he cheating? There has to be another option. But not that I hold out much hope that he would be banned or stop. We shouldn’t ignore them. Bur I do agree they are “attacking boredom” most of the time. But that is where the rage is born: when others steal our time, an irreplaceable commodity. We can argue about it all day long, but in the end, trolls hurt us.

4 thoughts on “You poked my heart…”

  1. I guess cheating could mean those farming bots, etc. but unfortunately for us, there will always be trolls. Can’t we all just get along and be less douchey?

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