OLRG: Secretly Super

Thank you again to George Takai
Thank you again to George Takei

Do you sometimes walk around the (real) world, and on occasion think to yourself, “Well, if that jerk doesn’t stop tailgating me, I’m going to drop my earthgrab totem and slow his ass down?” No? Or perhaps this: “If those kids don’t stop leaving their dirty dishes in their rooms, I’m going to serve them some Rona Greentooth specialties!” Well I do, all the time. Often I wish I could use my spell powers in the real world and smite some sassy mouths, or steal life from those who are undermining my mojo. But alas, I have to use regular ol’ pedestrian skills like diplomacy and the tried and true “keeping my mouth shut and not hitting the send button on the e-mail” spell. Not nearly as sexy.

But there’s good news! I hope ya’ll are around on Saturday afternoon. I will make a point of being on at 3PM, because lately CD Rogue has been grumbling about time I spend in Azeroth. It’s hard for him to compete with the allure and seduction of my make-believe playground, but he’s pretty cute himself, so I’m trying to make an effort. During the exhausting weekdays he normally comes home and goes immediately to rest his back on uncomfortable furniture. No one told Cinderella there’d be days like that, but whatever. We still need to finish up some unfinished pony business, so meet me in Dragon Soul, and don’t forget to put on your Wonder Woman Underoos. We’ve got work to do, peeps.

Why don't these come in my size?
Why don’t these come in my size?

2 thoughts on “OLRG: Secretly Super”

  1. When I first started playing my Hunter was a herbalist/alchem and on dog walks I’d be positive I saw an herb and start for it before I remembered, oh, real world where all there is to pick up are bottles they drop and don’t pick up on recycling day. Not as fun but hey it’s something.

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