OLRG: Running of the Teeny TaTas!

old-lady-boobs Tome, Tome, where were you?! We missed you so much! Elay informed us at about 4:15 Pacific that in about  45 minutes she needed to go to participate in the 2014 RUNNING OF THE GNOMES for breast cancer awareness– What? What is this? All of us decided to leave Dragon Soul on ice for a bit and participate! Helke, Taikuutta, me, and others went to Scarlet Crusade, make pink-haired gnomes, and ran our little legs off from Gnomeregan to Booty Bay – I did it!

I made a new and improved LuckyCricket, and she led the pack, only dying once. It was a sight to behold: hundreds of little pink-haired gnomes flanked by some bigger, badder helpers along the way to keep the monsters in check.

Gnomeregan Starting Line!
Gnomeregan Starting Line!
Tram Time...
Tram Time…
Through the woods...
Through the woods…
Dodging through Duskwood...
Dodging through Duskwood…

Almost there!

Million gnomes!
Million gnomes!

The weight of the gnomes broke the server. Seriously. Twice at least. Scarlet Crusade will never be the same. It was very fun, but it does bring up an important issue: there is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about the charities and the ‘big business’ of breast cancer research. But I don’t want to mix politics with this –check yourself regularly, get mammograms, and do your best. That’s all any of us can do.

I must admit, I am of two minds — on one hand, this is such a great, organic way to make Azeroth our own. On the other, it would be cool if Blizzard would encourage players to participate in these fun sorts of things, without angst or trolling, and help us help each other.

2 thoughts on “OLRG: Running of the Teeny TaTas!”

    1. Aw, Tome, I’m sorry. That does not sound like fun. We learned another cool trick though: if you type /cast riding turtle or /cast sea turtle your little level 1 cutie can ride in style! I kept asking players how they were riding their turtles but no one answered me, until the end when Helke found out. That’s cool though; Luckycricket considered this part of her monk training.

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