Dear Matty: It hurts when I do this…

Only a paper moon...
Only a paper moon…

Dear Matty:

The patch everyone has been waiting for before the grand WoD expansion hits happens tomorrow. Everyone seems to excited. Everyone seems so curious. But I am feeling depressed — really depressed. Before Cataclysm launched I felt excited, and before Mists, too, and otherwise new patches also made me curious and anticipatory. Now I’m just really, really sad. It’s not that I don’t want to play in Draenor: I’ve played in the Beta and it is breathtaking. What the hell is wrong with me? So many things are disappearing, so many achievements are being washed away, and I feel like an abject failure. Please ease my heart.

Underachiever in Undercity

Dear Under:

Sweet, sweet friend — I receive many letters but yours hit me hard. I was sitting here reading some of my friends’ posts, and feeling so forlorn and sad, too. Did anyone accomplish all of the achievement points that are disappearing with this patch? Perhaps someone did. It breaks my heart, and I too, feel silly for even caring about achievement points that are being burned to ash with the patch. My friend Navi was writing about it, and she wrote about things I wasn’t even aware of. WoW Insider wrote about it, calling it the “night before” but to me, it doesn’t feel like Christmas, but more like Nightmare Before Christmas when Jack the Pumpkin King gives you snakes that eat your tress and bullet-ridden ducks. (Not nice, Jack, though you mean well.)

jack claus

I feel like once again I wasted time, hit my head against a player’s wall, and got nothing done or worth showing. None of what i accomplished will count for anything tomorrow morning.


I know I shouldn’t respond when I’m feeling this way, that you are looking for someone to cheer you one, not just be a miserable commiserating partner. I will say this: I think about friends who have had to take long breaks in play, and when things change or they have time, they come right back to Azeroth and start kicking ass and taking names, and damn the torpedoes and achievement points.

Maybe we need to take page from Jack’s playbook: we are who we are. We are the Pumpkin Kings, and we rule over the worlds we create.

Till tomorrow.

Love and blessings,


2 thoughts on “Dear Matty: It hurts when I do this…”

  1. I’m afraid the end of expansion is my least favorite time. It’s a time when I’m forced to try to be a better person. The wow blogosphere rings with cries of, I got this! I got that! I did this!

    Envy starts to rear her head! /slap /slap envy down! /slap!

    I like the beginning where we’re all complaining about the vegetables in the Tiller’s garden beating us up, lol.

    I remember being depressed at the end of Wrath but that was because of the thought of leaving the beauty of Northrend, except for the Argent Tournament. I was really, really happy to wave goodbye to jousting.

    1. That’s it exactly: not only are we facing the things we will never get to do, but having to grit our teeth and smile and give congratulations to others. I don’t deny anyone their successes; I get annoyed with Blizzard’s framework, and I don’t need to read anyone else’s editorial comments about how much I’m whining either. As said, the new worlds are beautiful, and I am blessed with friends like you to share them with.

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