no no no no okay maybe yes

Numbers I would like to know:

A.How many new subscribers did Blizzard get?

B. How much new revenue was earned when people just couldn’t deal with their human females?

C. What the f&ck were they thinking?

See B.

Answer: At least a few bucks from the MattyShack.


My wonderful paladin friend was on, and sent me a similar link to this comparison:


This is more like it:

kellda black hair

And perhaps yes, red hair, golden eyes


I do have more to say, but need your opinion for now: black or red-head? You know we warlocks are too full of sugar and lust, so perhaps red it is. 

The autumn rains are falling, the minions are restless. Last night I had to leave the raid without any warning. Let’s just say CD Rogue and I had an exchange not unlike Key & Peele (only not as funny)

Fortunately everyone understood that sometimes the real flesh and blood people take precedence. And I didn’t have to look at Mataoka’s bug eyes. I think Blizzard had a little misunderstanding about some things, too.

But yes, the Toy Box is cool.

6 thoughts on “no no no no okay maybe yes”

  1. Oh! The redhead! She’s wonderful! Hmm … I’ll see how it goes with human Cim the Warlock. If I can’t take her I now see Dwarf would be a good option and there’s always the human male to consider cause I’m quite taken with them.

  2. Kellda makes a lovely dwarf! And I think redhead gets my vote. It is hard to go wrong with red hair. It’s annoying to have to race change because there really is something just wrong about the human female model, though. I wonder if we’ll see a lot less human females around now?

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