Instant karma’s going to get you…

Worth the 17 gold to screw over a raid member.
Worth the 17 gold to screw over a raid member. He had these rings already, and took another one.

I know many of the masterful guild and raid leaders I know will disagree, and that is their right. Over the course of my limited experience playing in raids, there is one thing overall that strikes me as the worst offense: the loot whore. This is the person who some how has the skill set and unlawful charisma to work their way into a leadership position in every raid team: you cannot question their abilities to know their class, usually do top damage (or in the case of this gentlemen, who dies on more than one occasion), and show up with regularity that the punctuality factor outweighs the loot grab factor.

In my mental collection of observing how raid teams function, and how they fall apart, one overarching truth stands out: this is a game about gear, and it is a game about the jealousy and pettiness that ensues. The gentleman in question has every right to gear: he was open about feeling like that evening he got “nothing” and this is what he was entitled to, and indeed that is true. It is not his fault that every bonus roll I received gold, and I held out and waited for a MS roll and got an upgraded chest piece. I am so lucky to be running with a group who understands that though I am at least 10 or more item levels than the rest of the sharp-shooters in the group, I bring something to the group, too. He inevitably sold the ring for the 17 gold, which I would have gladly have paid him when I offered him in a whisper, which he ignored.

At times, I have been greedy. I know where greed comes from, and I understand. Greed in Azeroth comes from deep insecurity and immaturity, and those times I wasn’t sure what my status was or how I fit in caused those weakened morals. I get it. (And when it comes to mog, all bets are off.)

But I think the heart of a good raid team, a sustainable raid team, is that everyone takes a hard look at that specific character, and doesn’t feel that ‘winner take all’ is the creed of the evening. I was reminded of Secondlight who gave Momokawa that healing mace, and try to focus on the light that shines in Azeroth, instead of the grubby grubs who live under rocks, even if they do have better gear.

I would be interested to know how Navimie has handled this sticky issue. I know on occasion Hawt has just shut it down when she notices it. But often this isn’t a hill that a raid leader should die on, metaphorically, and is not their battle.

PS But: there was so much good news in the real world, this really didn’t get me down. Babies!!!! (not mine) but BABIES!!!


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