soy una luchadora…

Chancho, when you are a man, you wear stretchy pants, in your room, it’s for fun…

There are many benefits to not reading any information on Azeroth because there are all kinds of surprises!

Every year I dance with Catrina, and this year I got a special surprise! Chapman sells luchadore ensembles. Que es tan grande!



And I swear to Velen, this is my name when I put it in to the Mexican Wrestler Name Generator:

La Cabra Gratis — THE FREE GOAT.

Seems perfectly legit.


Oh, the frogmanity!
Oh, the frogmanity!

I can imagine the exchange in a conference room at the Blizzard offices:

“Hey, Joe Gamedesigner, how about until WoD comes out, we take away all normal forms of currency, deflate the value, and funnel all of the market shares into Lesser Charms of Good Fortune?”

“What a brilliant idea! I have a buddy who spawns frogs for a living on the Isle, so we’ll corner the market in frog guts and prince kisses!”

Seriously: Did anyone, and I mean ANYONE, think this shit through?!

I am sitting on piles of worthless Timeless Coins, can’t get my damn rep up with the Emperor to use any of them, have no valor, and killing frogs, looking for groups of frog killers, being killed by frogs, or watching the insane slaughter of one tiny area of Azeroth for the only way to efficiently get Lesser Charms

is so



To top it off, now I have to listen to the new Draenei female scream, which instead of a throaty Keee-YAH (very martial artsy) now it sounds like someone stubbed their toe in the middle of the night and stepped on a squeaky toy with asthma. (Who has the asthma? I don’t give a shit about antecedents today. Stupid frogs made me write bad grammar and poor syntax.) The scream is weak and annoying. And it hurts.

What is the plan for these Lesser Charms once Draenor comes out? Granted, some of these current changes are fine. It’s cool to just buy stuff with gold, because for months I couldn’t figure out how to get justice points anyway. But in the future, what’s the plan, Stan? Is it going to be more of inside trading with no SEC laws to regulate deflation, inflation, or just plain flation?

Just the other week I had a small snafu over real-life gold. I won the battle, but perhaps not the war. That’s how I feel all the time in Azeroth now–little bits and scraps of goodies, while the big prizes are still too high on the shelf.


So, when I get to this level of grumbling, it must be time to take a tiny step back. I may not be around for our normal OLRG this weekend (have to go work on a class I’m taking) and try to get some real work done to keep earning that real-world gold. Next weekend I’ll be busy, too, and then the weekend after that not sure but then BAM THANKSGIVING. November is the longest shortest month in the year for me.

In the meantime, I know, I know. I’ll keep killing frogs, and they’ll keep killing me. It’s a mutual hatred.

Thanks, Blizz.