soy una luchadora…

Chancho, when you are a man, you wear stretchy pants, in your room, it’s for fun…

There are many benefits to not reading any information on Azeroth because there are all kinds of surprises!

Every year I dance with Catrina, and this year I got a special surprise! Chapman sells luchadore ensembles. Que es tan grande!



And I swear to Velen, this is my name when I put it in to the Mexican Wrestler Name Generator:

La Cabra Gratis — THE FREE GOAT.

Seems perfectly legit.

13 thoughts on “soy una luchadora…”

      1. That is hilarious! And you were smart – those costumes were only good for one day. I spent so much gold on them. But, I’m going to put in a help ticket. It costs them real gold to support their customers.

        Stupid Blizzard.

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