Blizzcon From the Backyard Series: Hans Shot First.

CD Rogue is from California. I tried to transplant him to the East Coast once, and it ended up with a baby and a move to Seattle. Indirectly, of course. I love Seattle, too. (I love the baby, too, of course.) Seattle is known for its rain, perfect short summers, and great coffee.

But I have to say–there is something about California. There is a clarity, a clearness, I can’t describe. It’s almost like I need one of those words in another language that we do not have in English.

such as Swedish: Mångata

California is warm when it’s cold, and cold when it’s warm. It is in such a stasis of paradox, but it is in firm control: the blue sky is an ingenue with the executive producer in her pocket, and sunlit glints off of palm trees like diamonds on a red carpet photo flash. And yet, it’s fruity and dirty. Gritty and salt-water clean. You can’t stay here too long or it changes you.

My sister-in-law is in the house reading, watching television, so accustomed to the glory that is in her own backyard, that I only have to share this moment with a the neighbor’s dog who is politely reminding his owners to let him back in, and the rubbery clack of my  keyboard. We watched the opening festivities on PPV this morning, and will make it to the convention tomorrow. I know some love Metallica, but that has never been my heavy-metal cup of tea, and we’ll probably start driving home tomorrow. I know many of you think I am crazy for not running to the convention center to be in the throngs, and trust me, I do not take this opportunity for granted. I confess, though, something has shifted in my relationship with Azeroth, and like in any long-term love affair, there are those moments where you do, quite bluntly, fall out of love for a bit.

I will share this insight (and it came from an anonymous source: I do have some journalistic integrity, after all): you know how everyone gets so upset that George Lucas changed his original movies so that from now till forever more, unless you have an older version of the film, Hans did NOT shoot first. This is egregious to many fans, including me. This person had not seen the new character models yet, and made this analogy that the art team who designed them was acting just like George Lucas.

I cannot think of a worse insult. But is it just a trick of memory? Is it time to give Azeroth a breather so that when I do return, I don’t remember faces, places, or events? Is it time to put this story down for a bit, and let the plot find new conflicts to keep the characters dynamic?

Nostalgia is a helluva drug, people. Like I said, I’ll be there tomorrow, put my name on the wall, get some souvenirs, and pay homage to the throne. I’ve gained a few pounds, so don’t expect any photos unless I can crop out the damage of leftover Halloween candy. Jogging in place in Azeroth has not been good for me. Perhaps a gym membership and more books on my Kindle will be.