Blizzcon From The Backyard Series: Nerds Like Me

If you want some good podcast listening on occasion, one of my recommendations is The Nerdist. I am also a huge fan of @midnight, too. So when I noticed The Nerdist did a story on the new WoW movie, I had to share. Sharing is caring!!

You know what would be kind of cool? A in-home movie theatre in our garrisons. Think about it. We could click on any cut-scene or movie from the huge array of WoW movies out there. Milkduds and ¬†buttered popcorn materializes next to our computers, and of course icy cold Cokes (or Diet Cokes if one is trying to off-set the Milkduds….cough).

There is a movie theatre in Seattle I love: the Cinerama. I can’t wait till it reopens this month.

“They” say a better way to be a creative person is to consume others creativity. Perhaps that’s what has been lacking, so I am feeding myself novels and movies. I recently read A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman¬†(highly recommend) and I have a roll of books to read, and a mounds of scraps of story starters. When I watch a WoW cinematic, I get renewed and inspired all over again. Give me back my Milkduds.