Blizzcon From The Backyard Series: Nerds Like Me

If you want some good podcast listening on occasion, one of my recommendations is The Nerdist. I am also a huge fan of @midnight, too. So when I noticed The Nerdist did a story on the new WoW movie, I had to share. Sharing is caring!!

You know what would be kind of cool? A in-home movie theatre in our garrisons. Think about it. We could click on any cut-scene or movie from the huge array of WoW movies out there. Milkduds and  buttered popcorn materializes next to our computers, and of course icy cold Cokes (or Diet Cokes if one is trying to off-set the Milkduds….cough).

There is a movie theatre in Seattle I love: the Cinerama. I can’t wait till it reopens this month.

“They” say a better way to be a creative person is to consume others creativity. Perhaps that’s what has been lacking, so I am feeding myself novels and movies. I recently read A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman (highly recommend) and I have a roll of books to read, and a mounds of scraps of story starters. When I watch a WoW cinematic, I get renewed and inspired all over again. Give me back my Milkduds.

5 thoughts on “Blizzcon From The Backyard Series: Nerds Like Me”

  1. I have a confession, don’t tell anyone. I got that $10 a month Kindle thing from Amazon and I’ve been reading the equivalent of literary potato chips at an alarming rate cause I think the more I read the cheaper it is, lol. I must find some literary spinach to balance things out.

    1. That’s one way to look at it-LOL! I told CD Rogue I wasn’t upset about not getting the autograph because everything, and I mean everything, can be a writing prompt! 🙂 Got my anecdote, and that’s what counts!

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