Draenor Resolutions…I swear it…

What better place to make resolutions than Times Square?
What better place to make resolutions than Times Square?

Sometimes–now don’t argue with me–don’t everyone protest at once–I can get a little, um…negative. If fed a steady diet of conspiracy theorists and Pinterest Fails on social media, it’s bound to take a toll. Not too mention I feel like a chump when I tried to talk Helke out of her personal Mecca, Blizzcon. This is the friend who has been so generous, so much like fairy godmother to me, and here I am in a conversation last night saying that the Ball isn’t all the great, and the Prince has halitosis. Not cool, Matty. Not cool.

the lightHenceforth, I am declaring my Warlords of Draenor Resolutions, my solemn oath to move forward these next few weeks with a bit of a better ‘tude:

  • I promise to honor my beloved classes: they train, they each bring unique abilities to the family
  • I shall try to make everyone in the Drunken Fish feel that they are getting what they need: if they want to do their own thing, great. If they want to do group things, all they have to do is let me know.
  • I will cherish my friends
  • I will not care about the artificial boundaries of Alliance and Horde (I never did actually, so this will be easy.)

I can’t speak for the warlocks; they don’t take vows.

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