The Cure for Azerothian Flu: Ghost Chips

I KNOW, ALL RIGHT! This is old news for half the world, but blimey, not for me!

Let me explain: today is November 12. It is currently 2:55PM. Everyone who lives in Azeroth is so excited about Warlords. Soo excited. Excited. So. Excited. Soooooveryexcited. Yes. And wouldn’t you know it? The gods of work closures smiled on me today and created a wind storm of such epic proportions it shut down most of my county, because the power was out. But…





I had one “get out of jail free” card today. If it had JUST been 12 hours later, I could be sitting here with my face planted squarely up Khadgar’s robes, close enough to smell the mana. (Ew?! Who thought that was a good idea?) So while some of my friends on the social inter-webs are considering a sick day tomorrow, alas, I am S.O.L. Between taking off for my Blizzcon road trip, and Veterans’ Day yesterday, and Monday being a workshop kind of day, I need to get back to the real job tomorrow. In other words, I cannot call in with Azerothian Flu. Its symptoms include a lot of self-medicating with Nethergarde Ale, swallowing of tablets the size of glyphs, and obsessively rearranging add-ons like they’re furniture in a new house. Oh, and Apex Shards. Millions and millions of Apexis Crystals. Although that cure is considered off-brand and experimental. Results may vary.

But ultimately, being home today is good news, because I could be on when Dahahka was, and we got to talking about my divisive Oceanic post, and he led me to this video:

What’s the moral of the story? Are you, dear reader, searching for a tie-in between WoD, Azerothian Flu, and Maori/New Zealand drunk-driving awareness PSAs? Me too. Me/sigh/too. Okay, let me give it a go. Take back control of this post. No matter what happens in WoD, which will be my third expansion since I started playing, I am internalizing a really complicated situation in my head. And it still keeps me entertained.

And I am going to make Pavlova for the holidays.