Stay off my wave! … Go back to the Valley, man!

This morning I got to talk to Khadgar, got my mind blown, enjoy the amazing WoD, and then rushed home, made myself a cup of Salted Caramel Cocoa, and WHAT IS THIS?

whisperwind fullThis aggression will not stand, man! Cocoa is drunk, (drank?), dishes are done, and work ready for tomorrow, so why?! WHY!?

Okay fine. Fine then. Fine and dandy. You’ve hooked me once again Blizzard. You found the blue meth. The ruby slipper. The one ring to rule them all, you bastards. And yet, here I sit. Okay. Okay. I see how it is. Good thing I took some screen shots this morning as evidence that I did get to taste the mojo, just a wee bit. And you know, I can’t let all things go, now can I? I noticed something, um…wrong. (Puts on Bill Nye the Science Guy Nerd Hat of Annoying Observations.)

I have such a crush on this man.
I have such a crush on this man.

See this bird here? This Stonebeak Axe thingy?


This is NOT a carrion bird, Blizzard. The beak is designed much like a toucans, to crack hard nuts. And I don’t mean Orc-nuts. It is not designed to eat the dead flesh off of┬ácarcasses. Carrion birds, such as crows, vultures, buzzards, ravens, etc., have sharp or slightly hooked beaks for tearing apart flesh. Toucans and their relatives have large, mallet-like beaks designed to crack open nuts and large seeds. They also enjoy a diet of fruit, lizards, eggs, etc. but not the flesh of dead Orcs.

Conclusion: Blizzard should not give me time on my hands to write posts dispelling misconceptions about carrion breeds. The end.

Oh, and why can’t I have horns like Yrel’s?

yrel hornsProbably for the same reason I can’t have Kim Kardashian’s butt:

National treasure...
National treasure…