Hot Cup of Troll

How's about a nice cuppa of murloc tea?
How’s about a nice cuppa of murloc tea?

Flipperbertyflappityfloo, this sucks. Turns out the least of the problems the good citizens of Azeroth faced yesterday were the Iron Horde, but expert DDOS hackers (aka scum of the f*cking earth), made sure that many users, including myself, were prevented from enjoying the expansion. It took hours after work, and I was finally able to at least go to Saurfang, hang out with Navimie and other awesome Frostwolves, and have Escarlata run through play up until garrisons, and then I had to go to bed. In no small measure did I feel disloyalty to Mataoka, stuck forever on Whisperwind, locked out, and not in any place to get rested XP. When I finally am able to log on, she is gonna be PISSED. Hell hath no fury like an enhancement shaman prevented from leveling up.

I think what really irks me are the consequences of their actions. They do it because they can, and what’s frightening is that they must be practicing for real-world terroristic hacks. Breaking into a game is serious enough, but this is their practice run for bigger world fish. But that’s intentional: the unintended or “added bonus” to their shenanigans is that one little over-worked woman in Western Washington wasn’t allowed to wash the day away and delve horn-first into fantasy. So I wake up at 4:30 am, thinking about my real world, and real stresses, and there was no antidote. Does one little me matter in the bigger schemes? Of course not. I can’t let my nerd rage get to me. I’ll save that for getting my tail handed to me in Hearthstone.

6 thoughts on “Hot Cup of Troll”

  1. It’s the one time my weird hours paid off for me. Didn’t encounter problems until 3:00pm eastern so I got a few hours before it all went south. I might have to resort to cleaning up dust bunnies cause those Hearthstone guys kick my butt, lol.

  2. I actually don’t think they are practice runs for something more serious. I think they are something far worse: done not just because they can, but because they think it’s funny. Like sabotaging someone’s science experiment in high school, it’s all a big practical joke to them.

    That is almost as scary as your scenario, in my books.

  3. I’m sorry to hear you had so much trouble. I ended up getting booted mid-quest myself and was unable to get in again for an hour or so after. Still not as bad because I’d been able to get in to start with but it was frustrating and worse when I heard it was a DDoS. Really hope WoW’s new expansion growing pains subside a little bit soon. And that the DDoSers get the karma they deserve.

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