I am man enough to admit when I am wrong. Kam was right – it’s not so bad going through with a few characters. Why this about-face? Well, if I hadn’t taken Zeptepi through yesterday, I never would have noticed this:

step three prophet

This alludes to one of my favorite episodes of South Park. Ever. The Underpants Gnomes have it all figured out:

phase 1 2 3

This is the Phase 1 Part:


Nor would I have seen Zep’s smoky trail of gun powder animation:

gun powder shadowThere will be all kinds of surprises for each character, as well as learning from past mistakes. Already Zep got her enchanting shack up and running, and with the help of my younger cub, I learned how to tame a baby meadowstomper and add followers to my professions. When I watched him go over the bridge with ease, he said, “It’s okay–sometimes unless you see, it it’s hard to know what to do.” This is in contrast with young leet druid: JUST READ THE TOOL TIP (and then apologizes for being impatient).

My next big challenge is to find some patience to get Mataoka up to gear level to do Molten Core. I play this game behind all the time, but need to remember to relax. I shouldn’t look at all the players ahead of me, but instead remember to help those behind me. I’m here, leaving a trail of gun powder and underpants.

PS: One time I didn’t read the tool tip. I caught this rubber duck and promptly threw it in the water to see if it would float, versus to a companion pet. It sank.

rubber duck

PPS: Oh, and I killed this monster all by myself:


4 thoughts on “Underpants…crystals.”

  1. I know iLevel 615 seems a hard climb for Cim since she doesn’t do dungeons, lol. I find it even funnier that she won’t do dungeons with strangers but she thinks she’ll get up the nerve to go in there with 39 of them.

    A rubber duck? Must keep my eye out for that, sounds right up Cat’s alley.

    1. I can’t believe I just tossed it back in the drink without reading the damn tip. Sank like a rubber rock. I just added Handynotes Draenor edition, and now I am overwhelmed by the treasure, etc. The dungeons are really hard, so I think my best bet is finding as much loot and treasure as possible. I want us Old Ladies to go, adding and filling in the ranks in a pug. Safety in numbers!

      1. That would be wonderful! With five old ladies nothing can stand against us! Cim founds tons of good stuff but most of it was suitable for Cat. Let’s hope I remember where it all was or maybe I should get that addon for Cat.

    2. In other words, it might be 35 strangers, but 5 friends. Remember: a stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet! Or, a punk-ass jerk who doesn’t know your name. Either way, most players really aren’t looking at other players, ever. Too busy making sure they’re doing their part.

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