OLRG: Checking off boxes on an invisible list…

lit up
Time to light it up!


I ended my work week on a bit of a angry note: did you ever work with a micro-manager, or someone who is so opposite of you on the Meyers-Briggs scale, that you wonder if there will ever be a bridge long enough to span the X-Y access divide? Well, I’m taking this short holiday break to try to wash all that away. It even snowed this morning! It looks quiet and beautiful outside, all hushed and sugared. Yes, I have a lot to do, mostly things I’ve procrastinated, squirreled away, and now it is the time to take those nuts out of the knotholes and ease my mind. This morning when I took the M-B test I came out INFP: Introvert (only slightly over extrovert – truly an ambivert), Intuitive, Feeling over Thinking by A LOT, and Perceiving over Judging. Some days I’ve come out more Extrovert than Introvert, so the data is skewed depending on mood. I don’t want to carry any negativity with me into December–it’s too dark,  too amazing, and too Solstice-y to burden with others agendas.

Besides, through the prodding and motivational speech given to me by Young Leet Druid, I persevered through the Bronze and Silver Challenges for both restoration and enhancement specializations, (and trust me–it took perserverance) and then queued up for Molten Core. I tried about four groups until I found a perfect one. Each group was disorganized, chaotic, and thought they could run it like it was still 50 levels below them. It’s not, but you know what? When you follow the tank(s), it’s not bad at all. I even took a screenshot of the amazing, funny group, so I would have a record of it:

nice group

Now, I posted this as an OLRG notice: we have until January 6, but believe we can get this done far in advance. We can join up as a party, and then queue up for MC. Since we’ll have more than five of us, we’ll be in the majority rule, and there will be no bruises or kicks. Promise. And since you have a ringer healer (moi) we’ll get in fast.

So: look over your calendars, and tell me what’s what. I’ll be around most weekends in December, and will be on holiday break, too. “All” you need to do is gear up just a tiny bit, and pass the silver challenge. If I can do it, you can do it. Now off I go to get Azeroth chores done, while I look at the pretty snow.

PS: Tome!

warleader tome

12 thoughts on “OLRG: Checking off boxes on an invisible list…”

  1. Yeah, they got my likeness correct but I guess they don’t know I’m female, damn.

    I was so looking forward to Molten Core but now I don’t know if I can hit the 615 iLevel. By keeping my head in the sand I didn’t find out until today that you can only equip three crafted pieces so that pretty much screws up my plan.

    There are days when I wonder if this relationship (me and wow) might be in trouble. I really don’t think they want my kind here. Maybe I’ll stay just to annoy them.

    1. I got quite a few 615s by running the rare gear missions, maybe that will help if you haven’t tried them yet. I am not average 615, nor have I managed to pass the bronze test yet, but it could happen…it could!

      1. I think I need to read up more on the followers and level them up. There have been gear missions but the rewards were too low, I’m guessing because I haven’t leveled them up high enough.

        Yes, it could! We shall persevere!

  2. Listen up Warleader Tome: I went around like a crazy woman getting every rare or blue, bought PVP purples, and got my Item Level the hard way. Not sure who these players are, but they are not like us. You can do it. We have time, and I promise, if I can, then the game is meant for us. If you ran as many LFRs, LFGs, and general mischief as I have done, you’ll see that it doesn’t really matter what strangers think. Ever. I am thinking this isn’t much of a pep talk, but it’s all I’ve got. We are the OLRG, Tome. And next time I see Chris M. at Blizzcon, I’ll let him know he annoyed the wrong old lady.

    Handynote Draenor.

    And look! You drop a toy! http://www.wowhead.com/npc=81330/warleader-tome

    1. You actually do dungeons instead of sitting around like a ninny too afraid of strangers. Normally it wouldn’t bother me how long it takes to gear up but pony!

      I will keep hoping, I’ve been camping the rares that drop 620 weapons but so far no luck, don’t even know if I can kill them but worth a try.

      1. You can. Or some nice stranger comes along and helps, and since it doesn’t matter who tagged it, gear for all! In fact, in many ways Blizzard custom made Azeroth for us I think.

        And when I say dungeons, I leave more than I stay. If I’m not up to the task, I bow out, or find a new group. I have made it my mission not to worry about what others think anymore. At least not too much.

  3. I was able to get 615 without stepping foot in a dungeon. Follower missions helped. Do you have a scrap yard in your garrison? There are chances for items to drop from salvage there. Have you done all the quests? I was able to get some of my quest rewards to upgrade, which helped. There is a trinket in Ashran from the Frostwolves that is 615 and all you need is gold to get it. I am sore afraid of running dungeons with people I don’t know, and my guild is already ahead of me, running heroics and such, so I had to push to get that level so I could run stuff.

    I hope that I can get Halinka to the same point as you all are soon. I’m going online with her now. If I am at that point when you all plan to go, so long as it is evenings or weekends I should be good to go!

  4. This would be awesome to run this together! Just dinged 100 yesterday so I doubt I’ll have the gear level to do this this weekend, but I should be good to go after that. Sweet!

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