Machu Picchu, Raiding, and The Girl Who Has Everything

machu picchu

Let me just say this straight-out, up, and front: I am not ready to raid.

And I’m not sure when I’ll be.

For the better part of my playing time, I’ve been beating my horns against the cliffs trying to get on raid teams, trying to stay on raid teams, and trying to fit in and do well. “Hawt” has been my miracle worker. When others were gossipy and perhaps even petty, she above all has been incredibly helpful, supportive, patient and kind. And color me paranoid, but I don’t want to ‘be a burden’ to her and her raiding evening goals. She kindly took me along on Wednesday night for normal Highmaul, and my gear wasn’t even 630, so of course I struggled. Yes, peons, you may now call me “Queen of the Understatement.” /grovel

Everyone seemed nonchalantly confident in their gear level scores, and it’s obvious many of the raiders did the Beta inside and out, so it’s old news to them. I could hear it in their voices already, though – the gentle admonishment of when others made a mistake, when something was buggy or odd, and not quite right.

I am feeling so up-ended right now in Draenor, but here’s the thing: I love it. I love finding new and different ways to do things, love my garrison, and enjoy riding this train that on one side has the past, and on the other side of the windows the parallel past–it’s trippy and wonderful. Now that’s lore, baby! And Señor found the perfect gift for me — I guess in honor of being a good guild mate all these years, and found a stray Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth for me. He’s not in Draenor yet due to life stuff. Man oh man, he got that for me just in the nick of time: Draenor is hard on gear, ya know? Now I can fix it up anytime! And I am loving the dungeon run treasures you get from having an Inn–except may not:

monroe hey now

Takes out stains the hard way.

Victory or yeti whatever
Someone’s got their yeti on!


I have to ask though, who are you people? Who are you players who have the best gear two weeks out of the gate, the challenge mode Yeti mount, and seem to act like this content is months old already? Do you have a job, sir? I’m being facetious, and it’s not coming out as funny as I would like it to. It’s not funny because it’s actually pretty cool that players do plan, figure it out, and play well.

And you may be asking yourself, Machu Picchu? The hell? Well–

The other day I got an e-mail from one of those travel group tours, and there is an upcoming tour to Machu Picchu. That place calls to me: high in the Peruvian mountains, it sings: Matty! MaTaOkA!!! Come climb to the top, breath the thin mountain air, and see the world from a completely different point of view! And I realized that if I was to ever go to Machu Picchu it would take so much planning and yes, playing. I need to get in much better physical shape, cut back, plan, and make it happen.

love birds
We should all just be more like these love birds, and take in the scenery for awhile…Zeptepi just sat right now in their potato salad


So what does this mean? It means I am going to go on hiatus for December: I want to level Kellda, get her geared up, and enjoy Mataoka’s fun and success with all the other parts of the game. I want to go for a walk instead of getting gems and potions once in awhile, and never feel guilty for not being able to raid. My job is going well but it’s very busy now, busy because I created it as such –doing interesting things again, and trying to focus on CD Rogue, too.   My friends are still there for me in Azeroth, and I don’t want to let the raiding ones down while I figure things out. I can’t play like it’s the middle or the end of an expansion–it’s only the beginning, and I need to remember that. Takes awhile to get acclimated to the climate.

Oh, and look what enchanting dust can do:

pretty angel

4 thoughts on “Machu Picchu, Raiding, and The Girl Who Has Everything”

  1. CIm’s very proud of herself for getting to iLevel 618, so I’m sure not one of those people. She can’t even defeat the bosses on her little ponies.

    Cat doesn’t care as her aspirations are more like getting a level 3 menagerie and the fishing shack. I love that Druid, so low maintenance, unlike a Warlock who shall remain unnamed.

    Senior seems to be another fairy godmother like Helke. Can’t think up a male equivalent for that. Archmage of Gifting?

    1. To me, you’re all part of making my world a better place to be. In our garrisons, we need to not only be able to invite friends over, but have goodies and treats at the ready. Maybe even a loan-a-mount option to share different ponies. It just hit me that if I want to do anything else in my life, Azeroth is going to have to give me some oxygen, too. I’ll need it if I ever get to the top of Machu Picchu.

  2. I am amazed at these people – though I wonder when they’ll get bored because they’ve run out of things to do (and then they start saying “they’re bored”). Maybe they don’t have a life, but whatever they do it doesn’t take away what I enjoy in the game! And yes I may raid and be raid ready but my Garrison is not a raider’s garrison – my War mill isn’t upgraded, my followers are still pottering around not 100, I have a level 3 fishing shack and pet menagerie and couldn’t care less about the other buildings… and I’m happy fishing out the back of my garrison 😀

    1. That’s my friend: I don’t mind folks who were ready to raid, but I got the sense it was a “given” and not a “priority” for some. But hey, I’ve got Australia, New Zealand, and Machu Picchu to go to – someday, someday!!!

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