100 Bottles of Draenic potion on the wall…

Two ladies to 100: two thousand more to go
Two ladies to 100: two thousand more to go

I was not expecting a server update this morning, but no matter – I am overdue for a post anyway.

Just a few notes here and there –

Prinnie nailed it with the whole shaman thing--my buddy Turk was feeling the pain of not being as empowered as before, and I hadn’t really noticed. In fact, even just the other night I healed a dungeon and got compliments on being a ‘great healer.’ I was in my groove, I admit. However, shaman healing has always felt slow as a glacier for me, but maybe Young Leet Druid’s advice about planning ahead is paying off.

Erinys at Harpy’s Nest has a great reflection on flying, or lack thereof, in Draenor. I completely agree: combing through the hills and scrubs of the lands has been wholly engaging; however, at some point I am going to want to stretch my dragons’ wings and fly again. Maybe a compromise? Fly-zone Fridays or something? Oh and I surprised CD Rogue yesterday with how much I HATE DRONES. But as I reminded him of all the times he turns out to be right about something, I am right about this.

But man oh man, my brain is toast lately: it feels as focused as a fly, (which is to say not at all), and keep feeling like I’m trying to nail thoughts down like nailing eels to a board. Not pretty. Maybe it’s this time of year, but I really need to act like a furry little animal and go burrow somewhere, and yet people keep expecting me to SHOW UP. Stupid people.

Oh well. Speaking of showing up – better go get some more resources so Zeptepi can finish building.


2 thoughts on “100 Bottles of Draenic potion on the wall…”

  1. Watch out for those girls if they’re like mine. They are quickly draining the bank account with their desire to upgrade ALL the buildings. Luckily they’ll be slowed down by some of the requirements to build the level 3 buildings. Three Draenor reps exalted? Yikes!

    1. Oh Zep was stopped dead in her tracks: she spent so many garrison resources on followers…but it’s all right. Like my own bank account which comes and goes with the tides, (like broken washing machines that flood laundry rooms), the coffers fill back up again. And then go away. And then come back. Having WAY too much fun here…

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