Bed, bath, and oh screw it…


“Three-bedroom fixer-upper Pre-Raphaelite Mission style, post-modern debutante ball style kitchen, with war room and deluxe entertainment suite, southern view of Orcs and domestic and wild pet breeding facilities–For Let $15.95/month plus taxes. Call 813-555-MATY.”

Yeah, I don’t know. I really thought once I upgraded my garrison’s Lunarfall Inn to Level 3 it would be all chocolates-on-pillows-and-turn-down-service-with-free-bathrobes. Nope. The beds still have patched linens, and are too small, too soft, and too hard (do I smell bear?!) and no matter what time of day or night I stop in to check the bar tab receipts, Lunarfall lumberjacks and blackguards are drinking all my rum for free and pinching the wait staff’s fannies. The food is delicious, but every time I try to take a bite it disappears. I wish I had one master suite just for me, too–one that was mine to decorate, with a real big bed, Draenei style, and gorgeous furnishings. Hell, even the Weed Shack in Elodar is better appointed than the rooms at the Inn:

Momokawa is a weed expert. She's from Denver you know.
Momokawa is a weed expert. She’s from Denver you know.

Well damn. Can’t have everything I guess. While I was busy grousing about the shabby chic at the Inn, I missed my blog anniversary. It’s been four years as of Sunday since I’ve been writing this damn thing. And yet, no matter what, people all over the world want to see Tex Avery Wolf eyes.

And Draenei cup size?


As of tonight, December 16, these are the top search terms:

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Theme song: Squeeze/If I didn’t love you

12 thoughts on “Bed, bath, and oh screw it…”

  1. Congratulations on your four years! And thank you for writing. Can’t tell you how much I always enjoying seeing a new post from you 😀 Here’s to many more happy years.

      1. And I can’t get, Momo and the Weeds out of my head. Should be a band. Yes, I think Druids need certain … things for their rituals. At least that’s what Cat tells me.

      2. DUDE! That’s it! She can’t seem to level out of 93: she’s been hanging in the cave with those druids and the Draeneis’…herbs…too much! Damn druids. Having fun and enjoying life…

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