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Tank v Talbuk

Thank heavens for practical friends…one friend who explained to me why the Nagrand tank is far and away a superior choice to the Telaari Talbuk. However, my instincts do not waiver: for me, the talbuk edges out the tank. I noticed, all on my own, that when I click on the water strider, the talbuk walks on water. I can ride, farm, handle any mob, drop any totem, and spawn any spirit wolves on my talbuk. She never fails me, and is friendly to the environment. When I hit my Ascension spell, it looks like I’m a circus performer from some dark dream. I did some research, and many players agree with me. Now granted, if you’re into cool looking Dwarfish technology, you can’t beat the tank.

And this is kind of embarrassing: someone visited my blog while looking for solid information on tanks versus talbuks, and all I gave them was silliness:

I am sorry. You came here for information, and I gave you a big hug.
I am sorry. You came here for information, and I gave you a big hug.

Proving Grounds

So the proving grounds. All they have proven to me is how pissed off I can get. I was grousing the other day to my practical friend about how frustrated I was when, after Zeptepi reached Level 100, I could not, COULD NOT, get past Bronze healing. My friend listened to me and then linked his Gold Proving Grounds achievement.

My reaction:



The little warlock cookie crumbled, and there were other signs that the scenario was buggy for Zeptepi. Also, I am a terrible shaman healer and had no trouble with DPS/Healing for Mataoka, and in general am a better healer on Zeptepi and Momokawa. I even put in a ticket, and got the usual reply. “Thanks for playing! Come again!’ Pfft.

I finally, through sheer will and nerd-rage, completed Bronze. I’ll get to Silver soon. To be clear: I have no issue with players having to perform this minor gate-keeping to do heroics, but I do have a HUGE issue with Blizzard not ensuring that it’s working right and makes sense. Some of the players I’ve seen in Heroics act like they’ve never played the game before. How about a dialogue tutorial or suggestion voice over for players? Whatever Blizzard. Just make sure it works, mkay?

Crock-Pot Questing

But if I hadn't gone on this quest, I never would have seen these beauties...
But if I hadn’t gone on this quest, I never would have seen these beauties…

We were also discussing how cool it would be if instead of all of our followers having all the fun, we could send our characters out on missions with them. This reminded me of when I use a Crock-Pot on the rare occasions I cook. The problem with crock-pots is the smell of whatever you’re cooking lingers in the house all day long, and if you have kind of a picky eaters like I do in the house, they hate to smell what they are going to eat for too long. Even getting them to eat leftovers is a challenge. So, instead of facing this challenge, like I would do in Proving Grounds, I do the smart thing: I don’t cook anymore. This is something I may have to try, though. Wait till everyone is out of the house so they don’t smell it cooking all day. To me, that’s half the fun is the anticipation of something delicious to eat. But–you gotta admit–it would be pretty nice to set a character out there in the world, with her special skills, and team up with followers, wake up to delicious loot and gold…

Don’t Curse the Darkness

Wait, what?
Wait, what?

Is this what that means?

Better go see a dermatologist.
Better go see a dermatologist.

In the Northern Hemisphere, today is the shortest day of the year, or the longest night, depending on your crepuscular nature. Turns out, it’s going to be the LONGEST NIGHT IN THE HISTORY OF THE PLANET. So for my friends in Australia/New Zealand, enjoy your light. And warmth. But I find no small amount of schadenfreude when I realize there are silly people in New Zealand, too. It’s going to be a long night, but at least I’m not stuck in a car. But hey, the car was in New Zealand, so that would have balanced it out.

Reeled in!

He caught a whopper: me
He caught a whopper: me

I worked hard to get Abu’gar — I mistakenly believed a fishing troll would be a great follower for my fishing shack. Nope. Got trolled.

And don’t wear red

Not in any dimension:

red shirt


Neil Finn: Not the Girl You Think You Are

Feeling the darkness blues? Play this VERY LOUD:


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