A sense of belonging…

Momokawa kneels to Durotan
Momokawa kneels to Durotan

OOC: Out-of-character for a moment — when I first encountered the Frostwolf banner in Frostridge, I felt a pang in my heart: this is where the divide between Horde and Alliance hit home. Every instinct told Mataoka to run up the hill and hug her friends, though they would have killed her on sight. I wish there was some way to form treaties in the game with those characters we would serve, or allow our fealty, no matter the faction. Of all the Orcs, of course I would follow Thrall, who is disparaged at every turn for being “weak,” or Durotan, who also has met with great adversity, but whose values align with mine: family, loyalty, kindness. But alas, no matter the brief moments of truce or alliances, the two worlds shall never truly trust one another, a virtual detente is the most we can hope for. 


Yesterday morning, and I’m not sure if she knew my longing, Luxy, who writes a blog, and is one of Navimie’s closest friends in the Frostwolves, sent me a present: my very own Frostwolf puppy. I have wanted one of these since I knew of it – it would be my friend, my loyal companion, a true gift from a clan that Mataoka cherishes. Though Mataoka can never be a member of the Frostwolves, she will cherish and love this animal always.

Thank you Luxy, from me the human, and from Mataoka the Shaman: Frostwolf at heart, forever.

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