OLRG: Mrs. Whitworth Returns!

black cat and Santa

Do you know how much I am loving that Mrs. Whitworth has taken over the grounds of my garrison? Do I have a story or two up my sleeve? Of course I do: but before I turn my holiday head toward low-rate fan-fiction, I would LOVE if my OLRG (Old Ladies Raiding Guild) could come together once more and take on Molten Core tomorrow. I am sorry for the late notice, and if it doesn’t work out until January 3, that’s fine too. In any case – I’ll be around 3PM Pacific, will put the call out. Please join me, Tome, and let’s take over Molten Core! The trick I’ve found is to stick together, don’t get your claws out, and give the tanks cheers! It is definitely a slow and steady wins the 640 head piece (that old trope). Hope to see you!

5 thoughts on “OLRG: Mrs. Whitworth Returns!”

  1. Don’t think I’ll be able to be there at 3:00 but I may be able join in a little later if it’s still going on. From what I’ve heard, it’s a long one so I’ll try to make part of it. Woohoo!

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