OLRG: Everyone needs an owl!

Yeah, so I read Buzzfeed. So what?

So I challenged myself to get Momokawa to Level 100, gear her up, and be ready for another, and last go, at Molten Core with the Old Ladies.Though a few of my chicas still need their 640 helms, I am really trying not to play so much. In fact, I have a date with a friend at our workplace: we love to go and hang out, get stuff done, and consider our work our ‘studios’ if you will. I would rather go to work than stay home, too: I’m on strike for kitchen duty: I’ve emptied the dishwasher and filled it every morning this week while the nocturnal druids of the Matty-shack snooze away, and I’m not having it today. It’s killing me that there is a pile of dishes left for me every night, and I’m trying to be understanding. So, efff it –Momokawa did her Silver PG with no problem (what the hell was up with the priest anyway? Maybe my bitching, er ticket to the GMs “fixed” it.) She ran some LFRs, got some goodies, had some crafted gear made, and voila! She is ready for her close-up, and her helm.

Kick-ass Momokawa
Kick-ass Momokawa

Oh and look! Since switching to WordPress, I too now get my Annual Report. The post “Bitchy Resting Face” is the clear winner, but only because a superstar like Cymre reposted it. I don’t know if I can top that one, but meh. It’s cool, it’s cool. Those Draenei still suffer from BRF, and the human females still have thyroid issues, and the Devs and GMs do not care.

I see your apathy, good sirs, and raise you with a hearty WHATEVER.

In any case, here’s my week – work, play, clean up Christmas, work, play, work, watch LOTR marathon, work, play, and SATURDAY – want to go again? Around 3PM Pacific time? Maybe a little earlier? What say you?

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