Happy (Naked) New Year!

naked raid

I’m beginning to suspect some designers at Blizzard are just a bunch of dirty old men, or they are becoming more brazen in their pranks. There are been dozens of delightful surprises on Warlords, and yesterday’s LFR run in Highmaul was no exception. (And let me say how much I LOVE how easy LFR is now–no need for nerd rage, kicking, etc. They seem to be designed as they were intended: a way to see the fights on “light” mode, get a few pieces of gear, and feel some iota of success.) Someone pulled more mobs than they needed (mage, I’m looking at you) and bounding over was a bouncy, loin-cloth sporting ogre. The next thing I knew, Mataoka was standing there in her birthday suit plus undergarments, and so was the rest of the raid! Watching a naked Draenei male tank is something to see. Turns out we were ‘pilfered,’ and much like the ‘pillage’ debuff, nudity is the rule of the hour. The pillage one seems a bit aggressive to me, and borderline sexual harassment. Borderline, hell – it is.

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Sometimes I do, sometimes not. Saw these this morning, and thought they seemed attainable:

new yearsI would change “Fight like a Man” to “Fight Like a Naked Draenei,” because no one brings the sexy punch like they do. ‘Look like an elf’ may be a bit of a reach, but perhaps if I concentrate on channeling my ‘inner’ elf…you know, the blithe, high born inner me…graceful under pressure, blah blah blah. Okay, that one may be a tad unrealistic.

So – onward to 2015! Here’s to kisses at midnight, clean houses, and lots of loot – cheers!

4 thoughts on “Happy (Naked) New Year!”

  1. Happy (clothed) New Year! I know, those Orcs in Nagrand did that to Cim to try to put her off her game.

    Hmm … maybe I should get up my nerve and queue for one tomorrow if there’s no reason for nerd rage and misbehaving.

  2. I’ve never noticed that happen before! I’m beginning to think that Blizzard just love seeing nearly naked draenei and would prefer us pandas stay fully clothed 😛

    Happy New year, Matty!

    1. This debuff put ALL players in the buff…admittedly my eyes were drawn to the tank and the Night Elves…*blush*…pull that ogre and see what happens!

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