Pay the piper. And the repair man. And the garrison. And….

haanta and the wolves

My friend Señor set a gold challenge for himself. I didn’t realize he had done this, but noticed a change in play behavior: he’s not in Warlords yet, and has been using his play time very well – I won’t share his gold making secrets, or why he took this challenge (which he shared with me yesterday) but suffice it to say he has been very successful in making gold. And let me be clear: my friend never tries to tell me what to do or how to play, but I sensed some concern about my gold-spending habits. Maybe he wants me to save for a rainy day, or be able to buy my own way if there is a challenge mode run or two I just can’t do on my own. This conversation happened after he noticed that the Garn Nighhowls were selling on the Auction House for around 9-12,000 gold. I decided to look that mount up to see if I could do it on my own, and I tried, and the answer is no. No. No. And no. The wolf is dropped by Nok-Karosh, and Nok is surrounded by her entire wolf pack of level 100 wolves who will eat your face from across the snowdrifts. So what’s a girl to do? Dig out all her pennies and silvers from the garrison couch cushions and buy it, of course. Señor did make a valid point: how do I plan on getting and saving for gold for things I may want in the future of the game? (Coincidentally, real life gold is causing me a lot of anxiety at the moment, and it does get tiresome to always “make do.”)

So let’s make a plan. I now have Mataoka, Zeptepi, Momokawa, and Kellda with full Level 3 garrisons, cranking out herbs, professions, and whatnot. How do they use their skills? To make crap for one another, of course, or in Kellda’s case make Darkmoon Cards instead of staves and wands. Zeptepi made two elekk plushies–one for her, and one for her friend Turk who is a masterful pet battler. What else? Gems? Furs? Hmmm. There are great ways to make gold in Warlords, and thank Velen, because it is very, very expensive. At 5K per Tier 3 garrisons, times at least 6-7 ‘main’ alts, and don’t even begin to count the gold for upgrading the buildings. And sure enough, somehow the garrison resources have run completely dry. Funny, I don’t FEEL like going over the maps again and again to try to get tiny amounts of resources. Missions suck them up, and not much ROI (return on investment). Somehow once again I missed the memo on how to make, and keep, gold.

Or maybe I should just shut up and listen to my friend Señor: just save it, Matty. That’s your last wolf for awhile.

But doesn’t Haanta look grand?! 

She Wolf by Shakira (she’s not that great of a dancer but damn she is flexible)

4 thoughts on “Pay the piper. And the repair man. And the garrison. And….”

  1. One of the things that bothers me is I’m exactly the same in game as in real life. Here’s my chance to be a daring speculator and auction house mogul with no real life consequences and do I do it? No, I save my gold under my mattress just like real life.

    The only one who makes a little money is Cim the tailor as she sells her bags. This has indeed been an expensive expansion so far.

  2. I had a windfall the other day from my salvage yard, a trinket that I sold on the AH for 52k and some change. AGH! I immediately went and bought two level 25 mechanical pets so that i might have a chance at the pet battle dailies in my garrison. Now, thanks to your suggestion, I’m going to go look at mounts… 🙂

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