GO BIG OR GO HOME! (okay…where are my keys?)

Insert sound of wAhhAHHawWAhh
Insert sound of wAhhAHHawWAhh

I forgot about the Tarren Mill thingy as part of the 10th Celebration until I saw Cymre’s headline. I get so many updates from her — on Google+ email, etc. It’s great to be informed about all the things I suck at in the game I can try to achieve in the game.  Navimie saw that I was trying to do it yesterday, and the first thing she said was “HORDE ALWAYS LOSES!” I almost choked. Was she kidding? Was she displaying false modesty (which isn’t her style, so I was surprised). HORDE ALWAYS WINS! Taking back the shore? We had a shore? We lost it? Well apparently after 15 battles on multiple characters, with so many near victories, I surrender.

Now, many of us believe that “our” side loses more. The data are not readily available, however, but the fact is it’s about 50/50. CD Rogue used to say that he always knew when the Horde/Aussies came out to play, because that’s when he would start losing. In the forum post I linked, I laughed when I read the player who wondered, “I wonder if Blizzard sees it,” referring to trends. Yes, Virginia, Blizzard sees it. Like a actual real-world Santa Claus, Blizzard knows ALL. That’s not to say bugs don’t get past, (like the other day when my Twilight Beetle turned into a worg mount: I had a screenshot, I swear!) and things aren’t off-balance. The response they have little control over, however, are the players’. We stupid humans, with our perceptions and feelings and whatnot. There is something fundamentally more etching, more entrenching, for losses over  wins. I never win a battleground or a Hearthstone round and feel as elated contrasted to the bummed-out annoyance I feel over a loss. And this is not just me. Loss cuts deeper. So when Navimie said her side always loses, that is what it feels like, and our perspectives are our truths.

But Blizzard will never be able to fix that one. Hell, even Santa makes mistakes on his naughty/nice list. I like Sump’n Claus myself – he’ll give me sump’n though I lose battlegrounds.

Postscript: here it is:


4 thoughts on “GO BIG OR GO HOME! (okay…where are my keys?)”

  1. I wondered if you tried it, when I first heard about it I thought I’d try but then remembering my few horrific attempts at PvP I then thought I’d pass.

    That is the strangest variety of beetle I have ever seen, lol.

    1. I’m stupid for waiting until the last minute, but hey, can’t win ’em all. I wish we had a spell that would change our pets – that would be fun!

  2. I just know it was the weekend around 8.30 so it was a good time for us to play. Maybe I should have tried another match to see if our luck held up.

    I still remember engaging a dung beetle during the mop beta only to find it looked like one of those harvesters from Westfall. Bugs can be fun sometimes.

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