NSFW: Honey Bunny Wins One!

This is how I felt when I entered Tarren Mill again this afternoon:

Yes, I am not ashamed to say that when I saw that Tarren Mill vs Southshore was open for a bit more, I thought, “you know, self, why not? Try it one more time…got a hunch about this…” And Momokawa entered the battle, Alliance was up, there were only 5 minutes on the clock, and a warlock was shouting BACK BACK BACK…and Momokawa joined in, Honey-Bunny style, and said GET THE EFFFFFBEEEEEP**#***#*#* BACK OR YOU WILL LOSE….and a few other choice words. Was it the level of nerd rage from this otherwise sweet, beautiful druid that scared the shit out of the Alliance players that eventually cowed them to GET THE EFFF BACK and win? The world may never know.

Yes, I have quite a mouth on me.
Yes, I have quite a mouth on me….

So the Terror of Tauren Mill is mine, Navimie. Whew!

Dear Matty: Me…ee..eeeee…. and Mrs. Maclure….

Spy-cam image

Dear Matty,

I am a 25-year-old human female with a big problem. Just a few years ago, I met who I thought was the love of my life. He lived across the fields, and his family and mine had a long-standing feud. That didn’t stop us from being together, though: we enlisted the help of the townspeople and other gallant strangers to help us convince our families we belonged together. Well, be careful what you wish for is all I can say now, because somehow we have been transported back in time, and not only are we married, but we live IN A BARN WITH NO PRIVACY WITH HIS PARENTS! He and his father spend their days pissing in the well, trapping animals, and making crude jokes about ‘animal husbandry.’ I can’t take it. My mother-in-law is awful, too: I don’t know if she’s been in the sherry (she says she’s “cooking”) or what her deal is, but she constantly criticizes me: my cooking, my clothes, the way I handle a pitchfork. She badgers me night and day about when I’m going to give her grandchildren. I’m not some brood mare! The only relief I have is when I sneak out and talk to other people in the compound. T.J., my husband, is getting suspicious. I want out, Matty. Help!

Put-Me-In-A-Pumpkin-Shell Princess

Dear Princess,

I wish I could help you: since you can get out of the barn once in awhile, make the best of it. Try to get to know some of the other females around the place, and make some supportive friends. Remember, there was a time you must have loved him, and he may be feeling the same frustrations you are (living with mom and dad at age 25 can’t be fun). Maybe it’s time you two took a vacation: I hear Elwynn Forest is lovely this time of year. In the meantime, maybe we can tweet the Devs and see if they can fix your situation. It strikes me as SUPER weird the four of you live in a barn: selfishly it takes me out of the narrative, and it was always all about me.

Good luck, princess…