Wampus Cat.

New ELVUI AFK Screen: look at that sassy dancing face! Not sure how I feel about that...

As usual, strolling through the Garden of Edinternet this morning, and came across this little gem: Great monsters of North America…and look! A wampus cat! This…shouldn’t this be a druid ability? I think so. We have grown so accustomed to the monsters and mayhem in Azeroth, sometimes I don’t think we truly see how magnficent and terrifying these things would be if they existed. That may be my one complaint about Azeroth (Only one, Matty? Come on, you’re slacking!) it may be that the monsters are not all that scary. Not really. They’re comical, actually. There are bats, big furry Cat-man things, squiggly, tentacled things, giants, ghosty things, all manner of material and shape. Some, like the Saberon, move just like Worgen, and I wonder if there’s an ancestral link there somewhere. The Pale are the only ones that have truly creeped me out: they jump on you like a reverse piggy-back ride that is both creepy-as-efff and all I want to do is take a hot shower and drink Earl Grey after one has virtually touched me. Ewwwww. 

My favorite new monster may be the Botani. They are about as scary as all-natural skincare products from Aus. The Botani are pretty cool, and remind me of Groot-Druids. I am sure that was the intent: take popular culture and milk it, Blizzard-y style. Nothing is as terrifying has cross-pollination parasitic media marketing.


But ultimately, maybe that’s a good thing, these sanitized monsters. The real world pushes young, impulsive, misguided and deadly warriors to do cultish deeds of death and destruction. Take that, you real world monsters! I’ve got a voice, I’ve got a blog, and you CANNOT STOP ME. MAHAHAHHAHHAHHAAA