It’s official: I’m bored! (Or, my soul’s boundless needs…)


Mama Needs Mana put out a survey about our possible ennui in Warlords.

What causes boredom, aka, “Mere existence does not satisfy us?”

Well, as I predicted, my concern was that as an avid alta-holic, having multiple garrisons would wear on me. Yes, there have been surprises along the way with quests, regions, and class-specific needs, but I have to confess: the gold, the mining, the herb garden, and the professional cool-downs really have me down. And though I love pets, I hate leveling them, and am not a big fan of pet battles. So there is a neglected Leo the Lioness NPC on all characters, and a fishing shack that smells like yesterday’s sushi.

So why don’t I relish fishing, pet battles, etc.? I don’t know why. For real, if I could do pet battles on my i-pad I would be all over them. But Blizzard lags with tablet content, hell, they just got Hearthstone out for Android players. I’m sick of getting apex crystals for one and all, sick of getting tokens for rolls that turn into gold 90% of the time, and sick, really, kind of -eff-u-Blizz mad about the three craft items. Really? REALLY?!?!?! Can’t make it four, and then get some of tier bonus? No ‘you cool player, making this fake shit over years of your life, here’s a treat?’ buff? Haanta is at 612, and because the only way to get her gear is by doing heroic dungeons, which means I have to do Silver PG, or crafting things, which she’s at her limit, she’s screwed. No Molten Core Soup for you, hunter girl! What would have been a VERY nice touch is if Blizzard had made our crafted items Account Bound.

Yes, I know. This is the nature of MMOs. Go play something different. Get a fresh perspective. Sometimes I think we get saturated with change. I had this epiphany today that Draenor is wonderful, but it’s too much. If they had allowed us to have better models, (still not over it, still….not…..over….it)…..keep our beautiful characters as they were to the rest of the world, and not just to our own deluded mirrors, if they had provided a means of sharing garrison resources among all of our characters. For example, how cool if our characters could pop into one of our enchanting shacks, or visit one another? How wonderful if we could move the friggin’ furniture around once in awhile, eh? If you’re going to make it boring Blizzard, might as well go all out! Give us dishes to wash and beds to make!

The thing is, everyone needs a purpose and autonomy. We need to know if our characters and time are spent in an isolated land, we enjoy our own company. Right now Draenor is reminding me I don’t like being in my own head, and that’s a dangerous place to be.

So, let me go trap and hunt a few things. I’ll set a timer. And when that timer is up, logging off shall I to do some coloring outside the lines in my real world.