RTMT: Pretty good look…

Don't stand...
Don’t stand…

Mataoka would like to file a police report on harassment in her own garrison. First, the little pod-thingies with teeth (“Beware of plants with eyes indeed…WATCH OUT FOR THE TEETH!”), and next, some creeper named Segumi who got up all in her personal space. Back off, Jack.

…so close to me

Mataoka could feel his hot, fishy panda breath down her shoulder gear, and she was thoroughly creeped out. Disgusting. She moved to the side because he would not budge, giving her some flimsy excuse about helping her with her ‘pole casting.’ She had few options available: move away from him, or move away from him. Which begs the question: not every soul in our garrisons are of our choosing. Sure, a little reverse sexism can be fun–‘Hey Mr. NightElf Stablehand…can you help me um, heal this pet?‘ or  trying to manipulate the bankers: ‘Gee, you look swell today Karl, any gold in

220px-Chapeltown_Stocks that guild bank? No, lost it all on insider trading fraud? Oh well.’ — but some of those NPCs are well, downright strange. If only there was a counselor or mental health services, or gee, even good old-fashioned stocks to have someone cool their jets. I bet Justin Timberland would build some for Mataoka: he has kind of thing for her, in a healthy, lumberjack kind of way.

What…what? Nice morph, Karl.

In any case, most of the garrison members are becoming like family. I am a little concerned that the miners are trying to unionize, and the saws at the lumber mill aren’t properly equipped with safety plexiglass, and the Lumberfall Inn didn’t pass its last health inspection…but other than that, nothing that can’t be solved. And the next time Segumi tries to get a bit too close, Mataoka will put on her spider-dress and poke him right in the face:

Is this the only place I can find Police?

Everyone has their unique point-of-view:

4 thoughts on “RTMT: Pretty good look…”

  1. The swimming Gnome creeps Cat out. She keeps any eye on him when she fishes to make sure he’s not making a move to come ashore. I she thinks he might she changes to cat form and menaces him.

    Yeah, I was surprised there’s no kitchen anywhere, there’s food available, where are those guys cooking it?

    1. I forget the NPC’s name, but whoever is the cook/chef is kind of lame. I tried to cook something by the fire in the Inn’s kitchen, and no-go. This is weird but I kind of like that gnome – he needs to have more to do though, like put more garrison resources or buried treasure in the pond. One cache is not enough…

  2. That comment about the Lunarfall Inn’s health and safety issues makes me rue (RUE, I tell you!) that I didn’t manage to capture the full run of “The Scout Report” before the site went dark. There is this hilarious reference to the time Scout opened a tavern and hired a Forsaken cook.

    “Do you like the soup? I made it … myself.”

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