Other people’s kids…

Let’s take a walk, you and me. Let’s take the long way, around the neighborhood, up the hill, and behind the fences. Along the way, let’s talk about how much I’ve been hanging on by my fingertips to try anything creative and juicy, in spite of a very long, emotional week. This inspired me:

…and I thought to myself, wow! That is how I feel when I play Haanta, even though, no, not at all.


Watch out! It’s the inevitable dog pile someone forgot to scoop up. I know I’m censored from having some disagreeable things to say about Warlords, but this really bothers me:

So gross. So very, very gross. Like unvaccinated children.
So gross. So very, very gross. Like parents who don”t vaccinate their children.

Dang, stepped right in it! Only “it” is the shape of a small warlock from Whisperwind, who saw that Haanta was bringing down a big wolf, rode right up to it, and then as it was dying, set his trap for it.


I say to Mr. Warlock:

warlock 1

And Mr. Warlock says to me a few things, such as it didn’t work anyway, what’s the big deal, and rationalizes his ass off about why he was right in trying to trap my kill. He says:

warlock 3

warlock 4

And as you can see I tell him to let it go. I don’t ask for an apology, because that would be futile. He is so passive-aggressive, and such a little pendejo, he then tells me:

“your darn self” is pretty adorable, actually


With poor grammar and everything! At this point, I hit the ignore button and move on.

What amazes me though, astounds me, is if there is a way to be an asshole in Azeroth players will find it. There is substantial anecdotal evidence I have personally collected in and out of Azeroth that many children/teenagers/young adults are amazing, and much evidence that many of them do not understand how to own it when they are EFFFING WRONG. I have been called a “mother effing cry baby” in the real world by a young squire, and am pretty sure the next time he says that to someone as an adult he’ll be calling his momma from jail.

So, I am raging a little bit. But let’s round this corner and look at the bright side: had a good talk with Hawt, and am still focused on shaping up Mataoka to raid, and if Normals are going to be all she can do for awhile, I’m okay with that. I got some slightly better, more appropriate gear, shaping up enchants, and went to the target dummies:

I can do this
26-28K sustained: work it!


Luperci is looking good, and ran a few normal, level 94 dungeons with her and friends last night- have missed tanking–

luperci the brave and beautiful

And while getting the easiest achievement in the game, Staying Regular, Lupe got the sh*t scared out of her when the ghost of Jarrod Hambly decides to hang out in the lavvy:

No joke: this actually startled me!
No joke: this actually startled me!

So, here’s our front door. We made it back. There are a lot of dangers out there, Velen knows. Virtual horseshit and nasty, bratty, needed-a-spanking-and-a-nap warlocks, and ghosts in the bathroom. Be careful out there! Take a sweater and be prepared to calmly, and firmly, tell Asshats to:

Theme song: Cake/STFU

and this:

Every shiny toy that at first brings you joy…

…will start to annoy…