One dork move I’ve done repeatedly is forget to put in my level 100 talent when I hit 100: the greater sin, however, is forgetting to do some actually research and understand what they do, instead just what looks pretty. I confess: I do not get tool tips, and that is a huge handicap. I have not ‘cracked the code’ of what tool tips really mean: for my dumb head, I wish they just said what they did clearly:

Elemental Fusion: makes more lightning, axes sharper, good for “cleave” whatever the hell that is. I mean, I know cleave means cut down the middle…but..,

Oh, thanks Internet:

In PvP, a cleave is any team with 2 similar DPS, aka 2 melee, 2 caster is a wizard cleave, beastcleave is a cleave because of the double pet summon from hunters and enhancement shamans. Another example of a cleave could be HolyPaladin/ArmsWarrior/DeathKnight as a melee cleave (TSG), or Mage/Warlock/Shaman as a wizard cleave (MLS).

In PvE, cleaves are single target abilities that can hit a 2nd target. A cleave fight would be a fight in which classes can hit 2 targets, usually with a shared HP pool, to increase their dps. Cleaves can be things like Warlocks multidotting, rogues bladeflurry, DKs pestilence, etc. A cleave is usually 2 targets, can be 3 but around 4-5+ its just AoE

Storm Elemental Totem: How come the Tauren gets the cool looking one?! WHAT THE HELL?! (See Youtube video link below.) Oh, yea, it does stuff, but takes the place of Fire dude.Wish I could have them ALL out: Fire, Earth, and Air – maybe next time.

Liquid Magma:

I don’t care if the expert says it’s for AOE: it is so much fun to do single target goodness with it.


Go to about 4:55 to see the Liquid Magma talent:

Okay, then –there’s some actual real information for ya. Don’t say I never did anything for you, dear readers.

Now many of you are experiencing a snow day. I pray you have Internet, power, candles, food, blankets, and a good book to read that doesn’t require batteries. Here are your level 100 talents for a snow day:

perfect day

PS Your snow days mean I can’t log in without being in a server queue.

5 thoughts on “maaaagma”

    1. Well, it has been unseasonably warm in my neck of the woods, and I know it’s been really hot down in yours: not sure about this climate change nonsense. Stay cool my friend!

    1. Isn’t it great?! Curious as to why they didn’t think of it sooner, it makes so much sense. Sometimes I wish we could have a talent tree back; this system feels too rigid sometimes.

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