OLRG: Let the …… …….burn


My sweet, sweet Old Ladies: whatcha doing? Are you okay? Have you wondered where the hell I’ve been? I’m up to my sleep-deprived, twitching and red eye balls trying to grapple with the diaper load that is real life. You too, you say? Well, hell. I just wanted to say if you’re around this weekend, and feel like doing something, anything, please let me know. I’ll send out the call in the afternoon on Saturday, and if you feel up to it, let’s go do something. Hang out in the parking lot smoking cigarettes and drinking schnapps. Shoplifting Slim Jims and Snickers bars. Setting small buildings on fire and drinking lattes. Gee, I don’t know. I’m tired of being worried all the time, and now there’s this. (Yes, you want to click on that.) Let’s go punch some dragons.

5 thoughts on “OLRG: Let the …… …….burn”

  1. I think we hung out with different crowds in High School. My friends and I would sneak through the woods to hang out at our still, drinking moonshine.

    And that time we were charged with inciting a riot? The judge threw out the case. It was totally unproven, that felony and the 7 misdemeanors. Even the parking ticket was dropped.

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