#28daysofwowlove (18)

Sometimes love in Azeroth means falling out of love…

This is a very unhappy warlock.
This is a very unhappy warlock.
I am not sure who 'e.h.' is...sadly.
This is not my usual choice — but found it oddly sweet and lonesome

I am visiting my folks during a break, and having a wonderful time. Their Internet is slow, so no raiding this week. This is a blessing, actually, just in time for those Blessings of Elune. I visit Azeroth, look around, know I can’t really do anything, and quietly exit out. I confess, I am falling a little bit out of love with Azeroth right now. And believe me –this has absolutely nothing to do or judgment on how anyone else feels about it. In fact, if anything, I am a bit saddened that my infatuation has cooled. I want my real life back, and my other interests have been long neglected. That is my problem, not yours: I do not hold back, so into the fire I jump, and then get burned up. I’m a bit fatigued that I have no control over other people’s assumptions about me, or if Blizzard diminishes once favorite characters (see Kellda above), or gives me features over content.

Mataoka lay on the sheets: these sheets were old, but smelled of laundry lines, the ozone smell of sun and whipped wind. Unmistakable. The down comforter, patched but clean, barely covered her long animal legs. She just wanted to sleep, and the world did not knock on her door.

7 thoughts on “#28daysofwowlove (18)”

  1. I thought maybe it was just me, I love Warlocks, I have many but the fun seems to be gone this expansion. Maybe a spec change is in order but I’m just not feeling like it again. There has never been an expansion before that melee Cat was more fun.

    1. I tried to go back to demonology, but that feels fizzled, too. Not sure what to do–just don’t have the heart to play like I used to, but am looking at that as a positive – just need to listen to some new music for a bit I think.

      1. Since I don’t raid it just means she’s not fun but I would think in raiding it means you have two choices do dps and stand in the fires or avoid fires and do no dps.

        Enjoy that time over there in real life, I’m doing my best trying to avoid it right now, lol.

  2. I’m going to try a new raiding group that touts itself as only a means for fun when I get home. We shall see. We. Shall. See.
    But the OLRG have my heart forever.

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