RTMT: Wednesday’s Child


Yes, I know it’s Wednesday. SH*T! I had better e-mail the milkman and let him know no delivery for tomorrow. Real life grown-up responsibilities! It’s Thursday now! See how that real life stuff sneaks up on you?!

For a few years there, I took a vacation from Real Life. Truly. CD Rogue and I were under pressure and had many stresses. Young leet druid and Cub were going through things. Job is well, stressful. And I regressed. No question about it. I regressed, retreated, and retracted—vows, promises, caring, sanity: you name it. And I am finding that I just can’t balance my virtual life as I once did. I am wondering, too, if other established players are feeling the pinch, too.

Navimie has a thoughtful post about 6.1 reactions. Features are not the same as content. In many ways, I feel that Blizzard sometimes conflates the two, and either one is too little, too late. That the world gets providing–what is the word I’m looking for–authentic isn’t it– meaningful isn’t it–but tangible activities perhaps (?) things to do – food to cook, sights to see, and satisfying experiences, as well as more distractions: talk to my sister about her new obsession with Trivia Crack.

Right now? All I want is for an LFR to drop at least one piece of loot with a bonus roll (my two “mains,” the shaman and the priest, are kept from playing because they can’t seem to afford new gym shoes – in other words, the RNGs have been kind of shitty to them); the other thing are pet battles on the i-Pad. That’s it. That should have come out a LONG time ago. People are and have been mobile for years. If you want to keep your name in the game, have players take it on the road while they’re living their real lives.

Maybe it’s just as well. I’m sucked into a novel right now: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. Tough to put down. One more post, check on garrison missions, and back to other thoughts.


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