#28daysofwowlove: (23) SIMataoka

I have never played any version of the SIMs. On the way home today, I caught this episode of Snap Judgment, one of my favorite radio programs (who doesn’t love good stories?!) and came across Stephanie Foo’s account of her double-virtual life with Sims.

Mataoka is not pleased with me. If Azeroth and Sims created a game baby, in that new, brave world would Mataoka tell me of her free [AI] will? Of her journey to happiness and satisfaction? That she would be just fine hanging out in Azuremyst for eternity, helping Nobundo in the Exodar train new shamans, or lying in grass-lavendar meadows staring at starry destinies all night? What would Mataoka do if given free reign? She would be open about her loves, as Luperci would be free to, too, and Zeptepi would shed her “nice girl” image and create havoc and power in the shadows? Would Kellda find solace and comfort in her minions? (No, actually she would probably switch sides and take up with Ner’Zhul–I told you she was pissed.)

After listening to the Snap Judgment AI portion, I believe I broke the cardinal rule of virtual play and got my own ego/personae/flesh matrix too caught up in the lives of characters, thus restricting and damning them into mini-me’s: too narrow and suffocating. Like a nagging mother. Ugh.

So, ladies of Drunken Fish: you are free. Let’s see how that works.


3 thoughts on “#28daysofwowlove: (23) SIMataoka”

  1. I’ve never heard Snap Judgement, I’ll have to come back and listen to that. I’m pretty sure left on her own Cat would just lay on a river bank swatting at the passing fish. She’s very tolerant of all the crap I make her do.

    1. You will love it, and Radiolab, too – perfect podcasts to listen to while walking puppies or driving to (unpleasant) places. Always, This American Life, and if you listen to Storycorp on Friday mornings prepare to cry. Many a latte has been covered in tears on Friday mornings.

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