#AzerothMadHatters (1)

I give up, indeed.
I give up, indeed.

I almost changed my mind about this idea because Neri from Mama Needs Mana did such a loving tribute to #28daysofwowlove.


Thirty-one days of things that make us say “wut?” and “wutdafuq?” –mad, mad as in crazy, and mad as in angry, disappointed, shake-our-fist-at-the gods nuts is on tap for March. If you don’t think that’s appropriate, go talk to Caesar. Damn, the crazy things in March are near infinite.

So here’s the first thing: how seductive/addictive Azeroth can be when I have to get OTHER SH*T DONE.

Time sucking.
Time sucking.


4 thoughts on “#AzerothMadHatters (1)”

  1. OMG you got in first with that song! Now I’ll have to wait for a while before using it…

    You reminded me of the fortunate coincidence that March is associated with Madness, since I recently started playing through Alice: Madness Returns. I’m currently helping the Mad Hatter!

    The only real thing that I’ve been madly disappointed about with WoW since I quit was the mount racing, which I wrote about in a recent post.

  2. Haha, I’m glad you didn’t change your mind! Humour is another wonderful way to cope with, say, I dunno, a lack of new content? 😛

    Now I’m just weeping even more about losing all of my screenshots a few months ago! I had SO MANY wtf screenshots 😥

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