#AzerothMadHatters (12)


My Guild
My Guild

Okay, so apparently screaming at the RNGs scares the shit out of them and they drop gear for me, cause Ms. Matty-pants finally got a helm, legs, and general joy with her band of merry raiders last night. All is forgiven.

Until next time.

But here’s something I’ve wondered about – this gate:

How come I didn't get the key?
How come I didn’t get the key?

When I closed on the big Level 3 Garrison, how come the real estate agent forgot to give me the key to this big gate? I mean, I thought I read the fine print and it stated there would be a way to lock the world out, while keeping out the Wildlings and unwanted giants? It would fun to shut doors, turn on ! daily signs over NPC heads, move crates around, and generally tidy up a bit. Oh well. This game is not meant for Women Who Like Things Comfortably Shabby Chic, I guess.

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